Locating Your Email Address in Different Email Services

My email is where? Your email software or service provider will determine the procedures you need to take to find out what email address recipients see when you send them an email. Here are both general guidelines and particular instructions for widely used email providers.

Detailed Guide to Finding Your Email Address

Assuming your email is operational, launch the application or service and follow these steps to find your email address in practically any email program or service:

  1. Create a fresh email message.
  2. To start a new email with Thunderbird, click the Write button.
  3. See if there is a line that starts with From. Your email address is contained in it.
  4. Multiple email addresses that you have set up to be sent are typically displayed as menu options in the From line when you compose an email. You own every email address that is listed. Any of them can be put to use.

Use an Echo Service to See Your Email Address

what's my email address
  • Of course, sending oneself an email is the greatest method to see what your emails look like. Please let me know your email address.
  • You can accomplish it without knowing your address, though. Emails sent to email echo services are returned to you immediately. In this manner, you are able to track down precisely what you send and from what address.
  • Echo services are safe to use and are usually operated by universities. Identified services do not keep a record of your email address or message, nor do they sell or utilize it in any other way.
  • To use an echo service, send an email to [email protected], such as the Vienna University Computer Center’s. When you receive a response, the To field will contain your email address.
  • In your email application or service, begin a new email message.
  • In the To field, type [email protected]. There’s no need for a subject line or message.
  • [email protected] in the field that
  • Click Send.
  • Hold off and check your Vienna University Echo email.
  • Look for your email address in the line that says “To” at the top of the email.
  • Echo service replying to me at “@gmail.com”
  • There are other ways to locate your email address, but they differ based on the service provider.

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What Is My AOL Email Address?

To discover the AOL email address that AOL Mail automatically uses for message delivery.

Click Compose to open a new message.

View the default sending email address located above the To line, below your name.

Choose the address you would like to use if you see multiple addresses. All of them are yours.

How Do I Find My Email Address in Windows Mail?

To find out in Mail for Windows what your email address is:

Ensure that Mail for Windows has the email sidebar fully visible. If a sidebar is collapsed, you can extend it by selecting the hamburger menu button.

View the email address associated with each account in the Accounts section by clicking on the account name.

If an account has many email addresses you can use to send emails, you can click the From line in a new email to view all addresses.

What Is My Email Address on Gmail?

To find out the email address you typically use to send emails using the Gmail desktop software and the Gmail apps for iOS and Android:

what's my email address
  1. Click Compose to begin a new message.
  2. Look up the sender’s email address in the From line.
  3. The From field in Gmail will only be accessible if you have added more email accounts.
  4. In Gmail, click the default address next to From to view different addresses that are configured for sending.
  5. To locate the email address that you chose when you set up your Gmail account:
  6. In the upper-right corner of Gmail, click your picture or avatar.
  7. Look for your primary Gmail email address by clicking on your name. The active account appears first if you have linked Gmail accounts.
  8. Additionally, the title or desktop tab bar of the browser displays your primary Gmail address.
  9. To view your main Gmail account within the Gmail application:
  10. Right at the top, tap your profile picture.
  11. Locate the address associated with your existing account under your name.

What Is My Outlook.com, Hotmail, or Live Mail Email Address?

To find your Outlook Mail email address—which you might have obtained from Outlook.com, Hotmail, or Live Mail—use the following steps:

  1. To initiate a fresh email, click or hit New message.
  2. Search for the e-mail address that appears next to From.
  3. To modify the sending address for the currently sent email, click From to view all addresses set up for sending.
  4. Click your name or picture in the upper right corner of Outlook Mail to see the Outlook Mail email address that is associated with your account. From there, select My Account to see the primary email address associated with your Outlook Mail account.

What is my Yahoo Email address?

Go to the top Yahoo Mail navigation bar, select your name or nickname, and you will see your primary email address. Once the window opens, locate your Yahoo Mail email address directly underneath your name.

What is my Email address for Yandex.Mail?

To view the default email address in Yandex.Mail for sending messages:

  1. Click Compose or hit C to begin a new message.
  2. The From line contains your default email address.
  3. An image of Yandex Mail with the From field underlined
  4. You can view other email addresses configured for Yandex.Mail sending by clicking that address.
  5. Click your picture, username, or silhouette in the upper right corner of Yandex.Mail to see your primary email address. You may access your main Yandex.Mail the address from the pop-out menu.

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What Is My Email Address for Zoho Mail?

what's my email address

View the email address that Zoho Mail uses by default when you send a new message by clicking here:

  1. To open a new email, select New Mail.
  2. By default, the sending address is located next to From.
  3. Click the image or outline in Zoho Mail’s upper right corner to view your original email address for your account. Look for your primary Zoho Mail email address in the box that opens, just under your name.