WhatsApp Download for PC: Free Download Available for WhatsApp on Desktop

whatsapp download for pc

The messaging program A native desktop software for Windows has already been made available by WhatsApp, and a Mac version is in the works.

Along with WhatsApp Web, a browser-based program, and WhatsApp Desktop, a web-based desktop app, WhatApp now offers a Windows app. An article on the company’s Help Center claims that because the new app is native rather than web-based, it ought to be quicker and more dependable.

How to Download and Setup Whats App for Desktop?

  1. To access WhatsApp’s official download page, click the DOWNLOAD button in the sidebar.
  2. On the green Download button, click. It will detect your operating system and present the appropriate file to you. It’s a 64-BIT file for Windows in my situation.

Free Download and Setup

3. Once the file has been downloaded to your computer, either double-click it or run it.

4. The program will launch immediately after being installed on your computer.
QR code for WhatsApp on Windows

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Free Download and Setup


5. Open the QR scanner by touching the menu button > and selecting WhatsApp Web from the phone app.

6. On your phone, a scanner will launch. Your WhatsApp account will open on your screen the moment you point it at the computer.

Free Download and Setup

7. Your PC and WhatsApp are now synchronized.

Here Is Why Whats App for Desktops Is Necessary

Having to take your phone out of your pocket to check for missed WhatsApp messages every few minutes is the most aggravating thing. It utilizes your data, depletes your battery, and is a time waste.

You can prevent all three of those problems by using the desktop application. Your whole history of WhatsApp conversations will be accessible on your computer once you scan your QR code. You won’t need to check your phone to see the most recent messages or group updates as a result.

The sync can proceed without your phone is on the same network as the computer once you’ve logged in to the desktop. You won’t miss any critical texts as a result, even if you leave your phone at home.

Another advantage is that you can download any photos or GIFs shared via WhatsApp to your computer, saving space on your phone.

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Alternatives to WhatsApp for Desktop

The wildly popular chat software Telegram includes a desktop version that many consider being superior to WhatsApp. The major benefit is the ability to make calls directly from the app, which WhatsApp does not presently support.

Skype: Call other Skype users for free on voice and video calls. Credits for regular phone calls are also available for far less than the going rate in the market.

Viber: Although it’s not quite as well-known as WhatsApp, Viber’s desktop software has seen some big upgrades in the past year. In addition to buying credits to call non-Viber users, you can set up a virtual number with the US or Canadian area code and send anonymous, self-destructing messages.

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