Instructions on How to Download the Version of Whatsapp Plus for 2022

whatsapp plus download

The most recent version of WhatsApp Plus is 2022. One of the most used messaging platforms worldwide is WhatsApp. This app, which connects users worldwide, is available on every smartphone.

Due to WhatsApp’s rising popularity, developers are eager to publish modified versions of the program that are functionally identical to the original but have additional intriguing features. One such APK that Android users can use to replace WhatsApp is WhatsApp Plus.

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WhatsApp Plus APK Download

App Name WhatsApp Plus APK
Version Latest Version
Size 64.2 MB
Requirement Android 5.0 and up
Last updated 1 day ago

What is WhatsApp Plus

whatsapp plus download

The popular mod for the original WhatsApp app is called WhatsApp Plus. The added features make it practically identical to the original software. WhatsApp Plus APK was initially created by XDA. But starting in 2020, they ceased producing new versions and took down all of the earlier APKs from their platform.

Later, two other developers joined the company and produced this APK. Millions of people have downloaded WhatsApp Plus as of late. Along with masking your online status and providing blue ticks for your introverted requirements, WhatsApp Plus is a great software for managing numerous accounts.

You can use it to show your friends the various customization choices, high-quality image downloads, and many other things. If you don’t know how to reply to a text, using this software will also allow you to hide your writing state.

On this page, we have three versions of WhatsApp Plus from three developers. The XDA (2020) version is also available here. Pick your downloads carefully. We advise trying them one at a time if you are uncertain.

It is strongly advised to get apps from AlexMods and FouadMods. While speaking with your loved ones, the HeyMods app features a lot of in-app advertisements that you might not enjoy.

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WhatsApp Plus Developers

In the year 2012, WhatsApp Plus was made for the first time by XDA. The final WhatsApp Plus APK version was made available by XDA in 2020. The WhatsApp Plus APK was created by HeyMods and AlexMods, two developers who came after XDA. A new version of WhatsApp Plus APK was recently made available by another developer, FouadMods.

One WhatsApp Plus APK developer is AlexMods. In addition to WhatsApp Plus, Team AlexMods has created four other mods. Possibly not all devices will support this version. Zip files are used to store certain of AlexMods’ APKs. On your device, you must extract, store, download, and install the program.

On its platform, HeyMods has made the WhatsApp Plus APK available. This WhatsApp Plus APK version is quite similar to the previous XDA version but has more functionality. On this page, we have posted all the most recent releases from every developer. The aforementioned Download Buttons will provide you with a direct download link.

The names of the current WhatsApp Plus APK 2022 developers are shown below:

WhatsApp Plus Download by Hey Mods

For their users, HeyMods Team developed this variant of WhatsApp Plus. You just need to download the file from the URL below and install it on your device. You must download and install a few extra files in order for your device to support this version before you can begin the installation process. Here is the direct URL to download it:

Version 21.20.0 (updated) of HeyMods WhatsApp Plus – Features

  • The revised DIY foundation
  • Concealed privacy terms and talks
  • color changes for blue ticks
  • tale views hidden

WhatsApp Plus Apk Download by Alex Mods

whatsapp plus download

The newest version of AlexMods has been made available in zip format. By clicking the download button below, you can download the ZIP file, unzip it, and launch the installation wizard. Check to see if your device permits downloads from untrusted sources so the file can be downloaded. Here is a link to get WhatsApp Plus.

  • Version 17.00 (updated) of AlexMods WhatsApp Plus – Features
  • the topic of contrast between darkness and light
  • revised base
  • Emojis with motion
  • Added stickers
  • blue tick cover
  • Change background color and themes

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Features of The Most Recent Version of Fouad Mods for Whats App

On our page, you can download the version created by FouadMod. You can download this version of WhatsApp Plus APK if you experience issues with the download and installation of the apps mentioned above by AlexMods and Heymods. The following attributes apply to the new version:

  • Anti-ban
  • recent topics
  • better privacy regulations
  • all document file types are supported
  • Additional WhatsApp Mods to Try in 2022 FM
  • WhatsApp \sGB
  • WhatsApp
  • WhatsApp Aero, Pro, and 3D versions of YoWhatsApp
  • WhatsApp JiMods
  • WhatsGold
  • WhatsFapp
  • WhatsAppMA
  • AZ for WhatsApp
  • WhatsApp

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