How to Prevent Air Pods from Disconnecting From Your iPhone?

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why do my airpods keep disconnecting

Why Do My AirPods Keep Disconnecting?

Your AirPods may constantly disconnect for a variety of reasons, so check them out. And we’ll look into each of them in this part before identifying the solutions.

It is always beneficial to be aware of and comprehend the nature of the problem. To remedy the problem, you might take some proactive measures. Therefore, let’s get started, shall we?


There are two main types of Bluetooth connection issues that might arise between your iOS smartphone and AirPods. Perhaps Bluetooth interference or Bluetooth incompatibility is at blame.


All Bluetooth headsets, including AirPods, are susceptible to interference with the connection. It occurs because your AirPods’ connectivity is prone to interference from other devices that use the same wavelength. Disconnection is one of the many problems it can lead to.


Incompatibility with Bluetooth is another issue. Perhaps your iOS device is fresh and your AirPods are older, or vice versa. The more recent gadget has higher Bluetooth connection speeds and newer Bluetooth communication features.

The power and reaction rates of any older gadget will be the same. Both devices will gradually become incompatible as a result, and your AirPods will eventually keep disconnecting. All devices with Bluetooth 5.0 can use AirPods. Any earlier version won’t function, and compatibility problems will arise.

iOS issues

Your device’s iOS version can be the cause of the issue. You can experience issues and errors if the version is old. Apple fixes all these faults with the latest update, which may also address any problems with AirPods and your phone’s compatibility.

You must maintain your smartphone up to date with the most recent phone and app update patches to assure you won’t have to deal with such a problem.

Hardware issues

How to Repair AirPods that Constantly Disconnect

In other cases, the hardware of your AirPods could be the issue. The earpieces may have acquired a defect or experienced irregular function problems if they have sustained physical damage over time.

Since AirPods are portable, you may use this functionality to take them everywhere you go. That is precisely the reason you must look after them well. It is best to purchase a case to safeguard them. Additionally, you should frequently clean your AirPods to prevent any damage brought on by accumulated dirt or wax buildup.


Perhaps the settings on your AirPods are wrong and the frequent disconnections are a result. Review your Bluetooth settings to make sure there are no oddities. If you use an Android device to pair your AirPods, the issue can also arise.

Although technically possible, there will never be a seamless link between these two devices. A few configuration adjustments will be necessary because some functionalities might not be accessible.

Low Battery

Low battery life is another frequent reason for disconnections. For optimal performance, your AirPods must be fully charged. Your AirPods disconnect when the battery is low, and it may happen frequently if the battery is completely dead. In order to stop it from happening, you must keep them charged.

Firmware Issues

There were numerous problems with the most recent firmware update, 6.8.8. After the update, several users experienced a variety of audio problems in addition to their AirPods switching off after 30 to 45 minutes of listening or 10 minutes of talk time. Moreover, disconnecting also happens when moving between calls and playback.

For the first-generation AirPods, this firmware issue is still present. However, the 3E751 update is now available for AirPods 2 and AirPods Pro. It resolves the disconnect issue. As a result, you must install the most recent firmware on your AirPods 2 and AirPods Pro. And to do that, you must take these actions. ,

Toggle Bluetooth on your iOS device’s settings page.

Find your AirPods in the device list at this point.

Click on the I next to them.

On the next page, you can find the latest firmware for your AirPods. If it is 3E751, the most recent version is already set up.

If not, you can switch on wifi and link your AirPods to your iPhone. The most recent update will automatically install.

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How to Repair AirPods that Constantly Disconnect?

Finding the problem and correcting it takes very little time, and you can do it quickly on your own. Your AirPods might detach in a number of different ways. But you must make sure that you start with the first mentioned answer and work your way down to the more complex ones.

Checking Battery

You should check the battery life of your AirPods. Your AirPods must have enough power in them in order to pair with your phone and stay connected.

On iOS

On an iOS smartphone, there is a quick way to check the battery life of your AirPods. Holding the AirPods next to your iPhone, open the case lid with them inside. In a few seconds, your screen will display the amount of battery life left. The battery widget on your iOS smartphone allows you to view the status of your AirPods’ charge.

On Mac

You may use your Mac to check the AirPods’ battery as well. Remove them from the case and set them out to air for a time. Now, on your Mac device, click the Bluetooth icon located in the menu bar. Both the casing and the earbuds’ current battery level are immediately shown.

If there isn’t a Bluetooth icon in the menu bar, you can add one by going to System Preferences, Bluetooth, and clicking the box next to Show Bluetooth.

Check Bluetooth

You must enable Bluetooth on both your PC and your AirPods for the device to connect and stay connected. If you’re having issues with connectivity, you can toggle your Bluetooth connection on and off.

On iPhone

You can access Bluetooth by opening the Settings app on your iPhone. Turn the switch to the right now to activate Bluetooth. You can always ask Siri to turn on Bluetooth if you’ve activated her.


You must left-click Settings and then right-click the start button. To activate Bluetooth, click Devices from that point on and move the switch to the right.

Reset AirPods

Over time, AirPods frequently have issues. Your AirPods may also stop connecting, charging, or disconnecting regularly. These problems are simply fixable with a straightforward reset.

You must reset your smartphone to its factory default settings in order to erase any purchased device history. Your device will become the first to pair with the AirPods if you do this.

Make sure that both of your AirPods are fully charged before placing them back in their case (above 75 percent). The case lid can be opened, and the button can be pressed for 20 seconds. When the indicator within the case changes from flashing white to flashing amber, it has been successful in resetting your AirPods.

Put AirPods Back in Their Case

How to Repair AirPods that Constantly Disconnect

There are situations when your AirPods won’t reconnect if they are disconnected. You can put them back into the case if this happens. When you place them back into the case, they will begin to recharge, instantly breaking any aired connection.

You can take them out of the casing and re-insert them in your ears after waiting five seconds. Your device’s AirPods will re-connect to it. When you lift the lid, they’ll begin creating a new connection.

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Turn Off Automatic Ear Detection

Every AirPod contains a sensor. It indicates when they are and are not engaged. This sensor occasionally experiences issues. They consequently disconnect in order to conserve energy. When you retain your Airpods in their current position, the situation gets worse.

Any minor shift in the posture could cause Auto Ear Detection to go off and break the connection. You can always turn off this setting to see if it isolates the cause of your disconnection problem or not.

Make sure the case is still open before you start. Go to Settings and then select Bluetooth. After that, touch “I,” which is located next to the AirPods in the list of devices on the right. The automatic ear detection feature is de-selectable.

If you have tried the standard remedies and the issue persists, you may be having issues with the settings on your audio device. Continue reading to learn how to solve this issue.

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