Why Does My Hotspot Keep Turning Off? Try These Fixes Now!

You can create a mobile hotspot on your Android handset and connect your devices to it if you need internet access. This capability is especially helpful in places where Wi-Fi coverage is patchy or nonexistent.

To connect your laptops and other devices to the internet, you can establish a temporary network by turning your Android handset into a mobile hotspot. Because of this, your smartphone or tablet that has a data connection might act as your main source of internet access when you’re stuck.

Nevertheless, there could be instances where using the Android hotspot results in it shutting off constantly. In case it occurs to you, you can attempt these fixes to resolve the problem.

Restart Your Android Smartphone

When utilizing your Android device as a hotspot, occasionally the data connection is lost. It results in the hotpot shutting off since there is no data. Restarting your phone is the apparent first thing to do if this occurs in order to restore any damaged functionality, apps, and other operations.

Android versions and device models differ in how to restart them. Usually, you can hold down either the Power button alone or both the Power and Volume buttons at once. Check the button combo on the manufacturer’s help website for your device if you’re not sure.

You’ll see a screen with options to power off and shut down. Press and hold the Restart button while you wait for it to finish. Restart your phone, connect your devices, and get the hotspot back up and going.

Check the network settings and hotspot

Once your phone has restarted and the hotspot has stopped, it is necessary to confirm and examine your data connectivity and hotspot settings. For instance, toggling features on or off requires checking your cellular (or mobile) data connectivity from the notification shade.

Notification button accessibility varies throughout devices but typically requires swiping down from the top of the screen. Once it appears, make sure the options for mobile data and mobile hotspots are turned on. In order to fix connectivity problems, tap to turn the options on or off.

Shut down WiFi and start an app or browse a webpage to make sure your data connection is functional. Additionally, if you exceed the limit on your data plan, it will interfere with the hotspot.

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Adjust Hotspot Timeout Settings

Checking the hotspot timeout settings is another item to do. When a device isn’t connected for a predetermined amount of time, the majority of modern phones will automatically switch off the hotspot. Your hotspot may be constantly shutting off as a result of this.

why does my hotspot keep turning off

Locate the customize button on your device by navigating to the advanced mobile hotspot settings. After accessing the advanced options, modify the hotspot timeout to a value that suits your needs. Make sure, if prompted, to save the updated configuration.

Devices have different settings for this. A Google Pixel, for instance, has a toggle switch to turn off the hotspot timeout functions. In contrast, the time on a Samsung Galaxy is automatically set to 20 minutes, but you may adjust it or set it to Never timeout.

Turn Off Android’s Battery Saver

The battery-saver feature on your Android hotspot may be the cause of it continually shutting off. In order to save on battery life, the feature also restricts the use of specific apps. However, using your phone as a hotspot is not recommended when utilizing this useful feature.

Locate the Battery Saver function on your Android device by going to the settings area. You may be able to toggle it on or off with a tap if it is on your notification shade.

Alternatively, if you locate it under Settings, make sure to turn off the battery saver feature, which may go by the name Power saving.

To Fix the Android Hotspot Not Working Properly, Update Your Device

Security and bug fixes are frequently required and are provided by app and system upgrades. If your hotspot continually shutting off, there may be an issue in the system or software that may be fixed with a few taps.

Updates for Android apps should be made in addition to the phone’s operating system. The hotspot may occasionally shut down as a result of background-running programs that query network settings.

Try your hotspot once everything has been updated to see if it keeps shutting off.

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Turn off Wi-Fi connectivity

why does my hotspot keep turning off

Your hotspot device will use the Wi-Fi connection if it has one before using your data connection. Furthermore, you cannot utilize your Android handset to create a Wi-Fi hotspot.

Your phone searches for a new or saved network constantly, even when it is not linked to Wi-Fi. This is particularly true if Android is configured to automatically search for Wi-Fi.

Toggling off the WiFi button and bringing up the notification shade can be done by swiping the screen.

Moreover, look over and disable any advanced network settings that are accessible. For example, you should turn off any advanced Wi-Fi connection settings that continue to search for networks even when the Wi-Fi is turned off.