Wordle: Instructions on How to Succeed at Online Word Games!


One of the most well-known word games available online is called Wordle. The New York Times owns Wordle, which has a sizable fan base. Given that it’s free, it’s ideal for those lazy days when you just want to unwind on your couch and play a couple of quick games.

Wordle is a brand-new, entertaining, and interesting software that offers a problem each day to predict a five-letter word correctly in six tries. People interpret the daily phrases that they receive as competition for their winning streaks.

How Wordle Started?


As was already established, Josh Wardle invented Wordle since he knew his partner enjoyed guessing games and wanted to build their own.

After spending some time with it, the couple decided to share the game with their family’s Whatsapp group. Once everyone became completely fixated on it, it didn’t take Josh long to realize that he should make the game available to everyone.

Oct. 2020 was the time frame. A New York Times report claims that 90 participants participated in the game on November 1. Just two months later, on January 1, more than 300,000 people played Wordle.

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What Is Wordle?


The most fascinating word puzzle out there is called Wordle, and word fans have learned to love it. The Wordle game is open to all players and is completely free.

Wordle is an intriguing word game that exists, and it has a few unique elements that make it the winner of the competition.

  • A user is limited to one puzzle per day.
  • Every day at midnight in your current time zone, the daily Wordle resets.
  • Every Wordle user completes the identical daily puzzle.
  • Users can post game results on social media without giving away the solution to others.

How to Play Wordle?


The user’s task is to determine a five-letter word that is displayed on the screen. Additionally, you have a maximum of six chances to complete the puzzle.

The system will let you know which of your chosen letters is present in the final goal word and whether they are in the proper location as you make a guess with each attempt. You continue to hazard guesses in an effort to solve the conundrum. You only have six chances to succeed.

Where to Play Wordle?


There isn’t a Wordle app. You must use a web browser to view it. You must play on the New York Times Games website.

Although Josh Wordle, the founder of Wordle, first hosted the game on his website, New York Times eventually acquired it in February of this year. The nicest part about Wordle is that you can completely concentrate on your guessing game without being distracted by any adverts.

You have to guess a five-letter word that is different every day, and you only get six attempts to guess it correctly before you fail.

  • The wrong letter will cause your turn to turn grey.
  • A proper letter in the wrong place will turn it yellow.
  • It will turn green if the letter is positioned correctly and written correctly.
  • There won’t ever be plural answers.
  • In a word, a letter may appear twice or even three times.

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What Are the Rules of Wordle?

The online word game Wordle is very simple to use and has straightforward rules that everyone can follow.

  • The player has to guess the Wordle in six attempts or less
  • Every word, which is entered should be in the word list
  • If the letter is correct, the color would turn green
  • If the letter is correct but placed wrong then it would turn yellow
  • An incorrect letter turns gray
  • Letters can be used more than one time


As the game is currently becoming incredibly popular for its winning streaks among many users, Wordle maintains track of its players’ playthrough numbers and win or loss percentages.

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