WPIT18: Login And Register Guide! [WPIT18 Live]

What does WPIT18 mean to you? You should be familiar with WPIT18.com if you regularly use the Internet. It’s a place where Filipinos can go to get themselves signed up for cockfights. A place where individuals can independently register for participation in activities. It turns out that cockfights are the focus of this platform. Where anyone may sign up and take part in a massive rooster fighting contest.

WPIT18.Com is a famous online betting game in which players engage in chicken-fighting battles against one another. while in certain nations staying out of a brawl is a surefire way to lose your money. As for the rest of the world, WPC is perfectly legal. An automated system controls the website to avoid any disruptions during the show. It’s possible that the website is also incredibly user-friendly. Be sure to sign up by selecting the “Register” tab.

WPIT18.Com is a well-known website among Internet users. In this article, we covered all you need to know. Remember that there are pros and cons to everything you encounter. We will do our best to discuss both the positive and negative aspects of WPIT18.

What Is WPIT18.com?


WPIT18.com is a website where gamers may watch live cockfights. The surviving rooster at the conclusion of four or five minutes is declared the winner.

Animal and bird fighting for entertainment purposes with the intent to kill or harm the animal is generally unlawful. Somehow, they are still widely used.

Rooster fights are organized by WPIT18.com, a World Pit Cup affiliate. When competing, players use only the most formidable roosters. In this show, there are participants from all over the world.

In fact, anyone who visits the website registers an account, and provides their email address and other personal details can play this game for free. After completing the registration form, we will be able to begin playing as soon as our details have been verified. However, you’ll need 100 points to participate in the game.

Now a video claims that there is an error message when we try to access the site. Find out if WPIT18.com is legit or a scam by reading our comprehensive reviews written without bias.

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  • Site for free online gaming
  • Until December 19, 2020, the domain name was acquired.
  • A user simply needs to sign up for an account and download the game.
  • Only those with 100 points or more are allowed to participate.
  • Make a living by putting your money on the roosters.
  • The Philippines is only one country where this game has achieved massive popularity.
  • Facebook profile is open for business

Where Does The Game Go From Here And Why Do We Play It?


People are bringing roosters to a field to fight, according to WPIT18 Registration. The player with the most surviving roosters at the end of the game is declared the winner. The tragic part about this is that many roosters will inevitably perish. When roosters are injured, they tend to bleed profusely.

In recent years, numerous charities and NGOs have emerged to combat the problem. Every day is a good day to treat an animal with kindness and compassion. Animals need the same level of respect as is shown to humans. Consider how you would feel if you were treated like a rooster.

This terrible act of brutality exemplifies the dark side of humanity. We feel compelled to voice our opinion on this competition and politely request that space be strictly limited at WPIT18. Filipinos are aware of these gatherings since they provide an economic opportunity. The first and second-place finishers each receive large cash prizes. If any roosters get harmed or die during the game, no one should be alarmed.

How To Use WPIT18?


For this situation, we have a term: WPC. As its full name suggests, the Philippines host an annual online competition known as the World Pitmasters Cup (WPC). Many people participate in the competition, so here are some things you should know before you sign up for the WPC tournament:

  • World Pitmasters Cup has its own rules and regulations.
  • Before you may sign up for WPIT18.com, you must follow these rules.
  • As soon as the event begins, it is shown live on WPIT18.com/live/medium.
  • Every necessary preparation was made before the broadcast of the event.
  • On that day, more people in the Philippines will be online, as they will be interested in the roster fight that day.
  • In this sport, participants are encouraged to bring their cocks and engage in ringside brawling.
  • The best possible outcome from a game is determined by the length of time allotted by the referee.

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The Signup And Login Procedures For WPIT18.com

Joining WPIT18 is a breeze. In order to participate in WPIT18, registration is simple. Here are the procedures you need to do to register for Wpit18.

  • The “live” button on WPIT18.com is the entry point.
  • Follow the prompts to sign in with your “Username” and “Password.”


  • You have to get in touch with the WPIT18 team if you wish to make a new account.
  • Just click the “Contact Us” link.


  • After you clicked on “Contact Us,” you can now see their “Viber and WhatsApp number” on the screen.
  • After that, they will show you the way and tell you more.
  • Congrats! You can do whatever you like once you’re within your own account,
  • One subscriber estimates that the average salary falls between $9,000 and $16,000. All comers, male or female, are welcome to participate.

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Details On How To Sign Up For WPIT18 In A Logical, Step-By-Step Format

  1. Just follow these easy steps to sign up for WPIT18.
  2. Please complete the registration form at https://www.WPIT18.com.
  3. Create a fresh profile by signing up now.
  4. Fill in the requested details, such as your name, phone number, and Facebook ID.
  5. Complete the form and then wait for it to be processed.