What Exactly is XResolver, And What Can You Do About It?

XResolver and its equivalents might help you find your opponents’ IP addresses on different gaming consoles. The IP addresses of online gamers are kept in a web-based database called XResolver. These IP addresses are taken from the usernames of the players by XResolver.

The Xbox console is represented by the “X” in the name of this online database. Even so, it can still work with other gaming consoles. Because of this, it is sometimes also called PlayStation resolver or Xbox resolver.

Let’s learn all we can about XResolver.

What is XResolver?


XResolver is the name given to the online service that keeps track of the Gamertags and IP addresses of Xbox, Playstation, and PC players. XResolver was made to protect your username and Gamertag from hackers on the Internet.

XResolver’s main purpose is to convert Gamertags and usernames into IP addresses. In order to do these things, XResolver has an Xbox resolver that uses bots to scrape data. This information includes the Xbox player’s username, ISP address, and IP address.

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What does XResolver Do?

As was said, it is in charge of storing public information about the IP addresses and how they are linked to the Gamertags. Notably, this kind of data or information is available to the public. It means that technically, sharing it on a website that anyone can access is not against the law.

But the problem is that the person who wants to match your IP address to your profile may not have good intentions. There’s a chance that it’s a hacker who wants to know your PS4, PC, or Xbox profile and IP address.

With XResolver, you can give people who are interested access to your private information. This private information links your real-world network connection to your online identity. Once they have your private information, they can go after you in many different ways. This could involve distributed denial-of-service attacks (DDOS).

Features of XResolver


There are a lot of cool things about XResolver. Let’s check out a few of them.

  • Identification of Geo Location

With XResolver, you can find out where your opponent is in the world. It lets you do this with its IP lookup service. This is one of the most important things to know about the player’s IP address. So, this is the most interesting thing about it.

  • IP Logger

You can make your own links with XResolver. If you send these links to people, you can get their IP addresses. With these customized links, you can get information about your browser and where you are. The IP logger gives XResolver more features and helps find the “Incognito” mode.

  • Both Gamertag Resolver and Psn Username

XResolver has a great set of features and functions that work well with both Xbox and PlayStation. With this set of tools, it’s easier to get information about IP addresses.

You don’t have to look for bots on the internet to look into Gamertags and usernames. It makes things much easier and more convenient because it has artificial intelligence built into it.

  • User-Friendly Interface and Functioning

The way XResolver works is pretty easy to understand. You can quickly find out the IP address of your opponent. It’s also easy to find a Gamertag.

  • Blacklisting of Personal IP Addresses

Blacklisting is one of the most important features of XResolver that you can buy separately. With this feature, your opponents won’t be able to see your personal information or IP address. No matter how tech-savvy they are, they can’t find any of your personal information.