Youtube Vanced Apk: Download YouTube Vanced APK v3.8.81.151 (Official Latest)

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The YouTube Vanced app was created specifically for Android devices. Users can enjoy HD films without advertising using the Vanced app. The software, which was created by Master T and XDA, offers a number of free premium features.

The software currently removes YouTube advertising while you watch your favorite videos; it is run by the new Vanced Team. The Vanced App offers users the ability to download videos on their mobile devices as well as background video playing features. Download the app by clicking the link on this page. Read more about installing YouTube Kids on Windows and PC.

Download YouTube Vanced APK

Name YouTube Vanced Apk
Latest Version v3.8.81.151
Requirement Android 4.2 or above
Last Updated 1 day ago

YouTube Vanced App – Overview

A modified version of the original YouTube software called Youtube Vanced with a tonne of new features. The YouTube app will get background play, ad elimination, a new theme, and premium features. Both Android and Windows PC users can download the app.

youtube vanced apk

Many of the features included in the Vanced App are also found in the YouTube Premium version. The ad-blocker is the best feature overall. The original video can be enjoyed without any grating commercials. The Vanced App also offers the capability of video playback in the background. This version also comes with some extra features, such as a dark theme.

If you are hesitant to use a modded app, let me assure you that it has no impact on the original app. It combines with it and starts playing all of your videos. You can choose your preferred video quality and view your favorite viral video whenever you want to, free of advertisements.

The YouTube Vanced Non-root form for a non-rooted device, the Root variant, and the Magisk variant are the three variations that users can receive with the Vanced App. Install the Root variant if you want your phone to be rootable; if not, a non-root option is also available.

Picture-in-picture mode, background playback, pinch-to-zoom, auto-repeat, toggling theme, and other features are just a few of the main features you’ll gain from the app.

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Install YouTube Vanced App Root Variant

On their mobile devices, users can download the root version. The app is combined with the original app in this instance. No additional manager is required to be set up in this situation. Google Play Services, however, ought to be installed on a phone. Download the app using the link below.

YouTube Vanced Installation for MIUI Users

It is crucial for MIUI users to turn off “MIUI Optimization” in the device’s “Developer Options.” Go to settings > About Phone > Downloads to obtain the YouTube Vanced APK for your MI phone. When the “You Are Now A Developer” menu appears, tap the MIUI version.

To return to settings, select more settings, and developer options, and then Find “MIUI Optimizations” by scrolling down. Disable with a warning first.

You can download Vanced Manager once the MIUI optimizations have been disabled. Users can install the most recent version of YouTube Vanced or YouTube Vanced Music APK via the Vanced Manager.

Install YouTube Vanced App Non-Root Variant

Through the MicroG manager and YouTube Vanced Manager, a non-root variant can be deployed. To install a non-root version, adhere to these instructions:

  • Install Vanced Manager first on your phone.
  • Install the app and then begin configuring it. Pick “non-root” as your option.
  • Start the Micro G management installation on the next page.
  • Install the MicroG manager, choose your “preferred language,” and complete the process.
  • The managers will be successfully installed after the Vanced app has finished downloading.
  • The Vanced app requires users to sign in using their Google account.

Install the Magisk Variant for YouTube

Users of this variation must download the Magisk Repo. You may quickly download the Vanced app to your smartphone after installing the Repo. From the URL below, download and install the Magisk Repo.

If your device does not support the most recent version of the app, download an older version from the links below. A prior version is available for download.

YouTube Music Vanced App Install (v4.65.50)

youtube vanced apk

A modified music app for Android users is called YouTube Music Vanced App. YouTube Music Vanced offers ad-free music streaming, just like YouTube Vanced APK. Once you have installed the Vanced Manager from this page, you may download the Music Vanced App. You will receive autoplay and background music capabilities that are exclusive to YouTube Music premium accounts.

  • Use the installer for the Vanced manager below.
  • Once installed, set up the app.
  • Download the MicroG manager from the following page.
  • You will be given the opportunity to download Music Vanced after installing MicroG.
  • Install the Music Vanced app on your device after downloading it.
  • Install it and use your Google ID to log in.

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Which Variant You Should Use?

There are three possible variations, as was already indicated. You must root your phone if you choose a root-only option. All of your apps will be rooted in this manner. However, since you don’t need to root your phone or any apps, we advise choosing the non-root variant.

On root-enabled devices as well, the non-root version is accessible. The earlier versions are also available on this site. Users can choose the Magisk version as well. In this instance, in order to use the software on their devices, people must install the Magisk Repo.

The specifics of three separate variations are listed below. One must first download the Vanced Manager before using any of the three variations. Every two weeks, Vanced Team upgrades the manager to keep your app current.

You’re in luck if you’re wondering how to access YouTube Vanced. The software is still free to download, but since Google introduced the YouTube Premium barrier, its use has declined. The perks of this subscription include ad-free videos and background playback.

Although Vanced’s website is no longer accessible, an APK can still be downloaded. The most recent version should also continue to function for many years. Having said that, you should be aware that YouTube occasionally updates its functionality. As a result, you might want to think about buying YouTube Premium.

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