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Since the early 2000s, Zunzle has been an online store that sells b.b. simon products. We were the first online store to sell b.b. simon products. This guide was written to help consumers stay safe as the number of fake goods for sale online grows quickly. We hope that knowing this will keep people from buying fake b.b. simon products.

B.B. Simon Buckles:

The b.b. simon logo will be on the back of almost all standard b.b. simon buckles. Here are the two most common patterns. On the left buckle, there is a single logo imprint from the beginning. The right buckle has a newer design with a hole for more than one logo.

B.B. Simon Buckles:

As b.b. simon moves to the new buckle design, we expect that the old buckles will slowly be phased out. The b.b. simon logo is always etched into the buckle’s metal. The logo is actually a part of the metal buckle, as you can see. On the back of the buckle of some belts, however, there is no b.b. simon logo.

When a buckle doesn’t have a logo on it, it’s often a unique style. Here is an example of a real buckle that does not have the b.b. simon logo. Some early 2000s vintage b.b. simon belts don’t have the logo on the back of the buckle. Very few people have these belts, and they are probably about 15 years old.

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B.B. Simon Stamp:

The b.b. simon logo and size number are stamped on the inside leather of every belt. Usually, the stamp is made with metallic ink, but it can be any color.

A model code is sometimes also stamped. Since the stamp is put on by hand by a craftsman during production, it is not always perfect. Vintage b.b. simon belts may have a stamp with the older logo and sizing method or a leather indentation instead of an ink stamp.

Production Codes Written by Hand:

During the process of making the belt, workers will often write production codes under the snaps on the buckle.

Thread, Studs, and Leather:

The edges are not always stitched the same way as shown. Since the belts are made by hand, there are many different styles depending on how the leather was worked on and how the beads on the edges were stitched. Some b.b. Simon belts may have press marks on the back of the leather, but not all belts will have these marks.

Studs won’t show up on the leather on the inside of the belt. Only when the belt has large decorative pieces attached will there be metal pieces on the inside of the leather? There are some examples of this.

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Tags & Storage Tins:

Tags & Storage Tins:

The b.b. simon logo and the word “California” will be embossed in gold on the front of the new tags used on new belts. The QR code and the words “MADE IN USA” will be flat on the front. The front tag will be matte black, not shiny black. On the back of the tag, all of the writing is flat.

Not all of the tags are cut the same way, and the knot in the white thread can often be pulled apart. Below is a picture of the original tag that came with b.b. simon belts from the past. This tag is still real, even though b.b. simon doesn’t use it anymore. The quality of storage tins varies a lot.

There are a lot of different colours and designs on the tins. Since 2019, b.b. simon has been using tins without foam inserts and decals that stick to the tins. The whole tin is made of metal. B.B. Simon’s old tins had much more consistent quality control and a foam insert in the bottom.

The old tins were only made of metal at the top and bottom. In older tins, the cylinder is made of hard cardboard and has the b.b. simon logo stamped on it. The tin on the left is the new one that is made of all metal. One of the old tins is the right one. Both are real storage tins made by B.B. Simon.

B.B. Simon still uses a smaller black version of the vintage tins on belts that aren’t as wide. Authentic metal tins can vary in how well they work. As shown below, the glue is often not spread evenly.

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