How to Find out If You’ve Been Blocked on Snapchat


Snapchat is a social media site where users may communicate with one another and share videos? You could have been blocked if someone isn’t responding to your snaps or texts. Social media may be unpredictable.

Humans are capable of acting spitefully and out of character without truly thinking about the repercussions. Social media’s impact on the human psyche is still being researched and comprehended. It is now connected to worse things like despair, anxiety, and feelings of inadequacy.

Being blocked or unfriended just makes those uncomfortable feelings worse. It causes rejection-related emotions to surface, which may cause grief or rage.

What Is the Snapchat Difference Between Blocking and Removal?

While using Snapchat, what is the distinction between being banned and removed (also known as “unadded”? The latter is more “Scorched Earth” than being unfriended, meaning that it can be undone but usually isn’t.

When someone is blocked, all communication with them is immediately severed, but when they are removed, they remain connected. You won’t be able to view a story unless the audience is set to Everyone if you’ve been temporarily banned from Snapchat.

But, despite these customizations, nothing will be displayed if you are being blocked. Yet, the Explore section doesn’t reveal anything about this. And it’s possible that you’ve been muted, meaning that they won’t see your story but will still consider you a friend.

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Find Out Whether Someone Deleted You on Snapchat!

Using the chat feature is the quickest method to learn if you’ve been removed or blocked. You have not been blocked if the other person still appears in your discussion list. It’s possible that they’ve removed you but you haven’t done the same for them.

A recent conversation using the feature is required for this to operate, though.

Another option is to simply send them a regular snap like you would with anybody else. If after a few minutes, it says “Pending” and has a grey symbol, you may have been removed. The internet connection quality may be an issue for either party.

How to Check Snapchat to See if You’ve Been Blocked

Use these steps to find out if someone has blocked you on Snapchat.

  • Review your most recent interactions. Checking to see if the person still appears in your chat history is the first and most obvious indicator that they have blocked you.

To be of any value, you must have already communicated with the individual who you suspect has blocked you in order to save your chats with them in your Snapchat history.

Launch Snapchat and go to the Conversations tab by selecting the speech bubble symbol located just to the left of the camera snap button at the bottom of the screen. For example, if you just had a chat with the user you think blocked you, but they are no longer visible in your Chat list, that’s a red flag.

The block won’t be confirmed until you proceed to the following stage. It’s also possible that you haven’t talked to this individual recently or that you wiped your conversation history and have forgotten about it. Hence, if this is the case, you can proceed.

  • You should look for their entire name or username. Snapchat won’t return results for users who have blocked you if you try to find them. In any case, you may still try looking for them if they’ve removed you from their Friends list.

It’s crucial to know that blocking on Snapchat is different than deletion. If you were blocked by another user, you would have no method of contacting them or even finding their profile.

Even if someone removed you as a friend, you’d still be able to see them in your Friends list and keep exchanging snaps with them. Yet, kids can miss out if they just allow pals to contact them through Snapchat.

Choose the magnifying glass icon in the upper-right corner of the Conversations or Snaps page and type in the user’s name or username to look for them. To find a certain user, simply begin entering their username or complete name.

If you are still on the user’s Friends list, you will see them under that label in search results; if you were removed from their Friends list, you will see them under the Add Friends label.

Someone has either blocked you or canceled their account if they don’t appear when you search for their precise username on Snapchat.

  • Look for their username or complete name using a different service. If you still can’t find the user you were looking for after the previous step, there’s a good chance they’ve blocked you.

By conducting a search for the user on a different account, you might potentially verify the account’s continued existence. You can go one of two ways:

  1. If you can’t find the user on your own account, ask a buddy to do a search.
  2. To find that user, you’ll need to log out and then register a new account.

Choosing the first choice is the least time-consuming alternative because it eliminates the need to create a brand-new account. Go find someone you know who also uses Snapchat but who isn’t buddies with the person you suspect blocked you.

Instruct them to look for the individual by either their entire name or the username they know they use. If you’d rather sign up for a new account, you’ll need to sign out of Snapchat on your current device or download the app on another one.

Create an account by clicking the Sign Up button. Upon signing up for Snapchat, you’ll be asked for personal information such as your complete name, date of birth, username, password, and phone number (or email address).

The next step is to either tell a buddy to do the same or to utilize your new account to do it yourself. If you or your buddy are able to locate the user account in question, it is conclusive evidence that the person in question has blocked you.

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