YouTube Advanced v18.04.35 APK + MOD (Premium/No Ads)

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A while back, a modified version of YouTube called “YouTube Vanced” gained a lot of traction. Features like ad-blocking, background playback, black and dark themes, and many more were introduced to the official YouTube app.

But remember that YouTube Vanced will no longer be accessible after March 13, 2022. Other options for YouTube Vanced are available, and you may explore them if you like. This article is being kept here for historical interest.

YouTube Premium: How to Set it Up?

YouTube Premium: How to Set it Up?

Installing microG is a must for installing the YouTube vanced app. Seeing that Google doesn’t support signing in from vanced YouTube, microG is a service that enables you to access your Google account through vanced YouTube.

The programmers intend for this to be a simple process. Vanced Manager enables the installation of both microG and YouTube Vanced. The Vanced management APK file may be downloaded for free, then installed by following the on-screen prompts.

Check down below for instructions on how to install an app from a file (APK) rather than the Google Play store. Please take note that YouTube vanced is still functional, but no longer being updated. It’s recommended that you upgrade to the latest version of YouTube, YouTube relevance.

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FAQs for YouTube’s Advanced Users (FAQ)

You could have questions about this modification if you were considering switching from the official YouTube app to Vanced but now have second thoughts.

From the distinction between the non-root and root editions to video downloads, we’ve covered a lot of ground here in our FAQ regarding Vanced. If you have a question that isn’t addressed here, feel free to ask it in the comments area, and if it’s a good one, we’ll put the answer here.

Which root or non-root advanced variant should I get?

There is essentially no difference between the root and non-root builds in terms of user experience. Unlike the original YouTube app, Vanced’s root variation doesn’t cause any disruptions.

As a result, the modified software may be used to launch YouTube videos or make Google Voice Search calls to certain numbers. However, the non-root option is the way to go if your smartphone is particularly tough to root or if you just don’t want to root your primary device.

Any device with root access can use it. In this case, the two versions of YouTube may coexist without conflict because their respective package names are distinct. Note that in order to use your YouTube/Google account, you will need to download a separate companion program (MicroG).

In addition, Vanced is not the default program for accessing YouTube URLs by default. The non-root version is more user-friendly overall, so unless you have a compelling need to change the native YouTube app on your device, we advise sticking with that.

My question is whether or not Vanced allows for video downloads.

In these regions, you can legally download videos from YouTube to watch later. That’s why if you’re not in one of the approved countries, you’ll need to upgrade to YouTube Premium or resort to third-party software in order to download videos.

Vended doesn’t change YouTube’s built-in downloader in any way. Therefore, depending on your location and the restrictions set by the video’s publisher, you may not be able to download certain movies.

Is there a way to stop Vanced and MicroG from using battery optimization?

Given that different Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) implement the module in their skins in different ways, there is no standardized approach to turning off battery optimization for a specific app on Android.

It is recommended that you search our forums for an appropriate tutorial for your device, since the required stages and workflow may differ depending on the original equipment manufacturer.

No one can deny that YouTube Vanced was a fantastic add-on. It wasn’t difficult to figure out how to use, and it added a tonne of cool features to your YouTube sessions.

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