Are Tanner Buchanan and Mary Mouser Actually Dating?

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co-stars with Cobra Kai Fans are already speculating about whether Tanner Buchanan and Mary Mouser are actually dating after seeing some cuddly photos they just shared on Instagram.

In the martial arts comedy-drama that is currently streaming on Netflix, the actors play on-screen lovers Robby Keene and Samantha LaRusso. On December 7th, Tanner shared some pictures of Mary and him in Disneyland Paris. In one, he is riding on her back, while in another, they are hugging.

Fans immediately started questioning if they were dating in the comments. Are you two dating?, one commenter asked, while another asked, “Wait, y’all together?!”

So, are they a couple? Find out by reading on.


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dating”>Are Tanner Buchanan and Mary Mouser dating?

The two are merely incredibly good friends, not a couple! They frequently hang around and are best friends. According to reports, Tanner has been dating Lizzie Broadway, a fellow actress, since they were teenagers.

According to Seventeen, the 23-year-old is originally from Toledo, Ohio, but she relocated to Los Angeles to further her acting career. She had roles in the TV show The Rookie and the 2022 film The Inhabitant. She will also appear in the upcoming Amazon spinoff of The Boys, Gen V.

Although they keep their relationship very private, there are no rumors of a breakup, and they still seem to be together. Although it’s unclear if they’re still together, Mary was dating Brett Pierce, an actor who appeared in Stuck In The Middle.


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Tanner is always shipped with his co-stars

Are Tanner Buchanan

Tanner’s on-screen and co-stars have been the subject of relationship rumors in the past as well. In actuality, it occurs in every one of his roles.

When the Cobra Kai television series initially aired, fans believed he was dating Peyton List, another Cobra Kai actress, although they were only good friends.

After they both appeared in the 2021 film He’s All That, he was linked to Addison Rae, but once more, the reports were untrue.

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Kissed-At-MTV-Movie-Awards”>addison and Tanner KissEd at The MTV Movie Awards

When Addison and Tanner attended the MTV Movie Awards together in 2021, it led to bogus dating rumors. They were called on stage to reveal which couple had won the best kiss award, and before announcing the winner, they leaned in for a kiss. Although they weren’t romantically involved, Bryce Hall, the TikTok star’s ex, wasn’t too happy about it and tweeted, “Sucks, but moving on.”

In a subsequent tweet, he said, “On June 12th, I’m going to fully focus on myself and shut everyone the f**k up.” He was referring to his upcoming boxing battle. Early in 2021, Bryce and Addison split up over claims that he had cheated on her with Dana Wolf when they were vacationing in Las Vegas. He rejected the claims.

He admitted on the’s with Dave Portnoy and Josh Richards podcast, “I’ll be honest, I broke up with her because I was completely stressed out with I paid so much in lawyer expenses to get all these bulls*** off of my plate.

He continued by saying that Addison “knows [he] didn’t cheat,” but claimed that the marital problems were because the trust “wasn’t entirely there.” He continued, “On top of all that stress, I was just not in the mood for a relationship. Now, Omer Fedi, a record producer, and Addison are dating.

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