How to Purchase Digital Trading Cards of Donald Trump.!

Digital Trading Cards of Donald Trump

For the digital trading cards (NFT), you have undoubtedly already seen the superhero image of Donald Trump, but how do you get them?

Using Truth Social to interact with people, former President Trump recently made headlines after a photo of him did.

Trump seemed like a superhero in the image. Others weren’t sure if the photograph was real, while some believed it had been altered.

Are the Donald Trump Digital Trading Cards Real?

Digital trade cards are, in fact, quite real. On Truth Social, the former president made this announcement.

Digital Trading Cards of Donald Trump

In a 15-second video that was uploaded to the platform, he made the first mention of these cards. The video clip included the well-known image of Trump becoming a superhero.

The American flag serves as a cape and has a “T” on the superhero’s outfit in the illustration.

How to Get the Digital Cards

On the official website, which was made just for this purpose, you can purchase these cards. By clicking on the link HERE, you can go there.

Trump’s life and career are depicted artistically on the limited-edition cards. All you have to do is digitally collect these cards, just like you would a baseball card.

Each Card Costs $99.

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You can get prizes

Every card you buy entitles you to an automatic entry into sweepstakes where you may win fantastic prizes.

You may win a Miami dinner with Trump, a private meeting with the former president, golfing with Trump and inviting your friends, a group zoom session with Trump, and more as some of the rewards.

Digital Trading Cards of Donald Trump

The website also says that purchasing 45 digital cards will ensure you a seat at Trump’s dinner party.

However, there is an opportunity for you to participate in the sweepstakes without purchasing a ticket. You must carry out the actions listed above in order to achieve this.

On February 2, 2023, the contest will come to a close.

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