Elena Xausa: A Look Back at Her Life and Work After She Died at The Age of 38.!

elena xausa cause of death

Sadly, 38-year-old illustrator Elena Xausa passed unexpectedly last month at her Italian home. Since 2019, the artist well recognized for her vivid, bright graphics had been battling appendiceal cancer.

Her spouse tragically confirmed Xausa’s passing on Instagram. He stated in the post that your adventure was far from ending. Your entire being will continue to move me and the thousands of others who adored you and considered you as the epitome of what a lovely human being ought to be.

The funeral was held earlier this month, according to her husband Lorenzo’s Instagram, and the news was issued on November 28th.

Elena passed away just as her work was beginning to acquire international attention, with articles about her appearing in Rolling Stone and The Washington Post as well as advertisements for Apple and Nike.


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Who Was Elena Xausa?

Elena Xausa was born in Verona, Italy, on July 11, 1984. She spent her childhood in Marostica, which is a city near Venice. She worked as a graphic designer and illustrator.

Additionally, she was a professor at Venice’s University of Architecture.

After receiving her diagnosis in 2019, Elena enjoyed living in locations like Milan and Brooklyn before moving back to her birthplace of Marostica.

elena xausa cause of death

She was renowned for the vivid, colorful illustrations she produced for numerous well-known periodicals, such as The New York Times and The New Yorker.

In an interview with MiND, the artist discussed her work and said: “If I were, to sum up, my illustrations in three terms, they would be balanced, synthetic, and sardonic.

Elena published her editorial and commercial work as well as her personal projects on her website, which is full of examples of her work.

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Elena’s work

Elena was one of the 21 musicians chosen by Apple in 2018 to help promote the launch of the company’s first store in Milan.

Because this was the first time an Apple Store opened in Milan, she stated on her website: “The idea I had was to create a performance centered on the First Times.”

Elena Xausa created the cover of The Washington Post’s “The Coping Issue” while undergoing chemotherapy.

elena xausa cause of death

I’m really thrilled to reveal my latest success, she remarked at the time, speaking about the piece on her website. It means a lot to me to design a cover for the amazing Washington Post. Particularly now that I’m receiving chemotherapy and gradually regaining my inventiveness, passion, and unwavering optimism.

The New York Times reports that the illustrator participated in a number of exhibitions and that, just a year before she passed away, she held her first solo exhibition, titled Coming Home. This happened at Bassano del Grappa’s Civic Museum. She raised more than 13,000 euros ($13,755) through an auction for cancer research.

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