Fans Are Demanding that Selena Gomez and Dylan O’brien Get Together After an Old Clip of The Actor Has Gone Viral!

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Dylan O’Brien

Since old footage of the actor went viral on TikTok, fans have been rooting for Selena Gomez and Dylan O’Brien and hoping they start dating.

Fans believe Selena and Dylan would make a great couple because they have worked together for a long time in the industry.

After the actor’s old TikTok footage from various interviews recently became viral, these suspicions appear to have become more firmly established.

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Dylan O’brien’s Old Clip Goes Viral

Dylan O’brien

A few days ago, a video posted by a TikTok user going by the handle @wolvws about Dylan and his admiration for Selena went viral.

In the footage, Dylan can be seen blushing after being told in an interview that he became aroused when Selena could be seen following him at a red carpet-event.

In other parts of the video, the actor was heard saying, “I love Selena Gomez among other things,” at the same time.

Fans want them to date

Fans want them to be together after watching the video, which has received over a million views.

Quickly reacting to the video, viewers expressed their love for Selena and Dylan as a couple.

“I feel like he could be so respectful to her since he loves her,” one fan remarked. “I simply live for them to be together,” said another.

As one comment stated: “All I think about is that he is Taylor Swift’s friend! “, other people hoped that Taylor Swift would act as a cupid and bring them together. The likelihood of their coming together has increased.

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What Selena Gomez has said about dating

I’m manifesting because I want to see them together, a different person added.

Selena provided a funny response to her dating life in May 2022 when she made a TikTok in which she said that she was okay with being single before moving the camera to her pals who were in relationships.

Fans quickly began to comment on the same, and some even began suggesting names of suitable dates for the actress.

Greetings from Chris Evans, one user wrote. Someone suggested, “Marry Dylan O’Brien.”

The actress may have had a few possibilities, but it appears that she is content being alone.

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