Hinge Wrapped 2022: A Look Back at Your Dating Year.!

hinge wrapped 2022: a look back at your dating year

However, how do you see it, and is it even real? A video of a TikTok user peering through his 2022 Hinge Wrapped has gone viral. People have been eager to reflect on their years as 2022 draws to a close. In light of this, the concepts of recap, rewind, year-in-review, and wrapped were presented to the general public.

Even while this has been thrilling, one thing that people did not anticipate was having their dating relationships end, but it may now be feasible.

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@outsideeric?refer=embed” target=”_blank” title=”@outsideeric“>@outsideericHinged dating, dating storytime, datingwrapped, nyc dating, single life, hinge is unhinged Sex and the City (Main Theme) – TV Sounds Unlimited

Viral Tik Tok Explored

Many people started talking about 2022 Hinge Wrapped after seeing Eric’s (user @outsideeric) video in which he summarised his dating experience.

Eric continues to share his Hinge recap in which he describes himself as a “night owl swiper,” captioning the video as “Hinge is insane.” Before summarising how he has visited seven various locations in search of love, the film shows the number of likes he has received and his most popular photo.

hinge wrapped 2022: a look back at your dating year

The video attracted a lot of curiosity and quickly became popular on social media. Although the concept is sound, Eric’s creation, the Hinge Wrapped, is not actual. He is a photographer and designer who enjoys creating new things, like the Hinge Wrapped.

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How to See Your 2022 Hinge Wrapped – Unofficial Site Releases Service

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@nikodraca?refer=embed” target=”_blank” title=”@nikodraca“>@nikodracaAs promised, here is my response to @alexmaser: hingewrapped.com All Too Well (10 Minute Version) (Taylor’s Version) (From The Vault) – Taylor Swift

Although Eric’s video could not be authentic, there is a technique to verify your wrap (if you dare). Software engineer Niko Draca, a TikTok user from 2021, built a website that lets you track your time spent using the app.

  1. Open your Hinge app and head to the ‘Account Settings.
  2. Click on ‘Download my data’ (You might want to try this on the laptop as it could be a bit easier).
  3. Once you have downloaded the information, head to hingewrapped.com by clicking on the link HERE.
  4. Upload your data by selecting the ‘choose file’ option.

hinge wrapped 2022: a look back at your dating year

The website was down for a bit, however, it is now operational, and you can verify your wrapping by taking the following actions: Your wrap will be ready soon after the file has been examined!

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People Are Also Creating Their Own Versions of Dating Wrapped

Users are cautioned that the Hinge app has not yet made the wrapped service for 2022 public. If you do not want to have your data evaluated by an AI, you may just follow the dating-wrapped TikTok trend.

User@alexandriathemediocre, who gave a presentation about her dating life in 2022, first proposed the concept. She went into detail about what went well and poorly on each date she had in a month-to-month review.

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