How to Complete the Arealme Mental Age Test, Which Is Now Trending on Twitter

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How to Complete the Arealme Mental Age Test, Which Is Now Trending on Twitter

Have you ever had the feeling that you weren’t your actual age? Perhaps people have referred to you as an “old soul” all your life, or perhaps you have endured criticism of your immaturity on a regular basis.

The mental age test might be the solution for you, according to Twitter users, if you’re curious about how to determine your true age on the inside.

Hundreds of people have shared their quiz results on social media in recent months as the test has gained popularity. Why not try it out and see if it can accurately predict your mental age as it is rather easy to take?

What Is the Mental Age Test?

The website claims that Japan is where the mental age test has its roots.

As defined by Arealme, mental age is “a measure of a person’s psychological talents in contrast to the number of years it takes for an average child to attain the same level” and has nothing to do with intelligence quotient (IQ).

The website also provides a number of other exams, including typing, IQ, and love language assessments.

The quiz’s developer provides further information towards the end. According to them, the quiz is extremely accurate since “according to most users’ reactions, the quiz is very dependable.”

Additionally, they mentioned that since the quiz’s first debut in 2013, the algorithm has occasionally been upgraded.

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How to Take the Mental Age Test

The test can be taken online here.

You will be asked a series of questions presented as statements if you opt to take the mental age test, and you will need to indicate whether or not they apply to you.

Examples of statements include “I get furious quite a bit” and “I like to hang out with people who are older than me.”

Additionally, you will encounter phrases like “I don’t like to wake up early” and “I care about my clothes and style.”

The most common response choices are “yes,” “no,” and “neither” for inquiries.

You will also be questioned about your gender and the social media platform on which you spend the most time. You are not required to respond to these questions, though.

What Twitter Thinks About the IQ Test

Your mental age will be provided once you have done all of the questions. After that, you can share your findings on Facebook and Twitter.

Many test-takers use Twitter to post their results and speculate on what they might indicate.

I took the TikTok Brain Age quiz, and it said I have the mental capacity of a 40-year-old because I worry too much, one user wrote. I’m now understandably concerned about what that entails.

“When you take a mental age question and get 23 while you, actually, are 23,” wrote another commenter in reference to the uncanny accuracy of their test result.

Others weren’t really pleased with their outcomes.

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