Disproving the Fight Video Between “Jake Paul” and “The Schmo”.!

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"Jake Paul" and "The Schmo

A fight that appears to be between Jake Paul and The Schmo is shown in a video that has gone viral on Twitter. When viewers mistakenly believed they had seen a video of the YouTuber being beaten up by the sports personality, they were shocked to discover that it was neither person.

Along with other Twitter users, UFC fighter Terrence Mckinney also posted the video. Despite the fact that many people must have missed that one, Mckinney has said in the comments that neither of the two was involved.

Those who know it’s not the couple find it humorous that others don’t, and the video has caused a Twitter frenzy.

‘Jake Paul’ and ‘The Schmo’ Video Is Doing the Rounds on Twitter

The “Jake Paul” and “Schmo” lookalikes were seen engaged in a heated argument in the 8-second video, which as of this writing had received 10.3 million views on Twitter.

The Paul clone appeared to take the heaviest of it though, and at the conclusion appeared to lose equilibrium and composure, leading the adversary to stop. The lack of equilibrium was being compared by many fans to a “weird dance.”

Although the identity of the person in the video has not been established, it is obvious that it is not either of the two.

"Jake Paul" and "The Schmo

Producer for the MMA Hour, Connor Burks, tweeted in response to Terrence’s tweet sharing the video, saying: “Why’d I thought this was very schmo and jake on first watch smh.”

Terrence responded, “Same I woke up saw it on my Instagram, and was like?” to which the person said.

But the two have already met. Following Jake Paul’s final press conference with Anderson Silva, The Schmo posted a video interview with Jake Paul on his YouTube page around a month ago. But naturally, there was no altercation as a result.

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Twitter Users React to Some Believing It’s Jake Paul

Despite the fact that many online fans mistakenly think Jake and Schmo are in the video, those who have discovered this find it humorous.

“That is not Jake Paul,” a user commented. Looks more like an Irish Jake Macdonald.

“The idea that y’all think it’s Jake Paul is honestly disturbing,” another tweet said.

Others, though, were more sympathetic toward those who thought it was Logan’s brother:

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KSI Says Jake Paul Would Win In A Fight Against Tommy Fury

KSI recently stated at a DAZN press conference that he “hates to admit it,” but he believes Jake Paul would prevail over Tommy Fury in a matchup.

"Jake Paul" and "The Schmo

Jake would devote more time to the training, the Holiday singer stated.

Since 2021, fans have eagerly anticipated a fight between Tommy and Jake, but no such luck has materialized. August 2022 was the fight’s intended date, but Fury had to cancel because of limitations on his US visa.

Currently, there is no defined date for the completion of the project.

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