Jo Mersa Marley’s Wife Qiara and Daughter Often Appeared on Instagram.!

Jo Mersa Marley, who is survived by his wife Qiara and their little daughter, died, according to several media outlets.

The singer and Bob Marley’s grandson reportedly passed away on December 27, 2022, at the age of 31. At this moment, no official cause of death has been disclosed to the media.

Jo wanted to pursue a music career and worked with other family members on various projects, much like his father Stephen Marley, and grandpa.

Jo frequently posted photos of his wife and daughter on Instagram as a proud father.

Jo Mersa Marley Was a Father

Sunshine, his six-year-old daughter, was born to Jo and his wife Qiara, and he was a proud father to her. On significant occasions, the musician made care to honor his daughter.

In January of this year, he wrote a birthday dedication to the princess, “Wishing my princess sunlight.”

Jo Mersa Marley's Wife Qiara and Daughter

Happy Earthstrong! Now 6 years old, Jah! I implore you, Father Time, to take your time.

Sunshine is Jo’s “biggest blessing” in life, he remarked in a similar birthday tribute on Sunshine’s fifth birthday (January 2021).

With the title “Blessed strong earth to my father,” Jo posted a photo of his father Stephen holding Sunshine in a previous entry.

Featured-On-Instagram”>his Wife and Daughter are Featured on Instagram

a message that Jo Mersa (@jomersamarley) shared

Additionally, Jo’s wife Qiara was frequently featured on his official Instagram account. On Mother’s Day this year, he wrote a tender ode to Qiara.

Jo Mersa Marley's Wife Qiara and Daughter

a message that Jo Mersa (@jomersamarley) shared

He stated in a May 2019 Instagram post that he would adore giving Sunshine a sister and growing their family with Qiara.

Tributes paid to Jo Mersa

a message that Jo Mersa (@jomersamarley) shared

After hearing about Jo Mersa’s passing, tributes began to stream in on social media.

Jo Mersa Marley's Wife Qiara and Daughter

Singer Ali Campbell stated that she was “very stunned to the core.” What a wonderful young kid, a true Marley to the core. We recently spent some time on tour in America. Jo Mersa Marley, Rest In Paradise With Wicked Sound And Beautiful Soul.

Another homage was written by VP Records: “Rest in power Jo Mersa Marley. We offer our sincere sympathies to the victim’s family and friends.