Baseless Reports Claim Kanye West Has Been’missing’ for Several Weeks.!

Kanye West is allegedly gone and has been for weeks, according to a number of stories, although this is just online chitchat.

The rapper’s disappearance from Twitter and Instagram in recent weeks has raised questions about his whereabouts.

Additionally, the 45-year-old hasn’t made any podcast appearances in months and was absent from the Kardashians’ Christmas party.

Baseless Reports Say Kanye West is ‘Missing’

The rumor that the rapper is missing comes from the hip-hop news Twitter feed Daily Loud.

According to his former business manager, Kanye West has allegedly been gone and untraceable for weeks, the outlet stated.

Baseless Reports Claim Kanye West Has Been'missing' for Several Weeks.!

There is no cause to think Kanye is missing despite the fact that the trending tweet has had over 8.4 million views in a matter of hours and that other Twitter news profiles have also reported the story.

He has not vanished, according to official reports, and his unidentified former business manager has not come forward.

As far as The Public Is Aware, Kanye Is Just Taking a Break from The Internet.

Fans Are Concerned for The Rapper

Fans have become concerned about the Donda star after the tweet because he hasn’t been seen in days.

Is Kanye really gone, as one commenter questioned? If this is the case, we must track him down.

Kanye West has vanished, what now? I just hope he’s okay and in a secure location, another person stated.

Baseless Reports Claim Kanye West Has Been'missing' for Several Weeks.!

“Kanye’s’missing’ truly has me scared,” a third individual remarked.

Seriously, I’m wondering where Kanye is. I read about him going missing,” another person tweeted.

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Kim Kardashian Says Co-Parenting Is ‘Hard’

The missing reports came just days after Kim Kardashian, Kanye’s ex-wife, sobbed as she discussed how difficult co-parenting their four children is.

In the eyes of my kids, for my kids, I definitely protected him [Kanye], and I always will, she revealed on Angelie Martinez’s IRL podcast on December 26.

The reality star said, “So, in my home, my kids don’t know anything that goes on in the outside world. “I’ll keep guarding them for as long as I can,”

Baseless Reports Claim Kanye West Has Been'missing' for Several Weeks.!

Why would I ever bring that energy to them if they don’t know what’s being said or what’s going on in the world? Kim said.

“That’s some serious, serious adult s**t. And when they are prepared to deal with it, we will have those conversations.

Additionally, she talked about the wonderful times she shared with her father, Robert Kardashian, and declared, “That’s all I want for my kids.”