Marcus Smart and Maisa Hallum’s Xmas Wedding Was Aided by Will Smith.!

When Will Smith arrived practically from Antarctica on their television screen, Maisa Hallum had no idea her boyfriend Marcus Smart had organized a Christmas engagement for them.

The proposal video is one of the nicest things you can see online right now. The Celtics star and his new fiancée were wearing matching pajamas as they made the decision to move forward in their relationship.

Here is everything you need to know about Maisa as well as wishes for the NBA champion and his future wife to continue to stream.

Meet Maisa Hallum

If you’re hoping to find Meet Maisa Hallum Instagram account, you’ll be let down because she seems to be a private person. Will Smith is the sole person tagged in Marcus’ post.

However, according to The Sun, she is most recognized for being the creator and creative director of the swimsuit label Sousa Swim.

Marcus Smart and Maisa Hallum's Xmas Wedding Was Aided by Will Smith.!

She said in a podcast that her experience in the city helped shape her brand. She is supposed to have been raised in California.

Marcus has also seldom ever posted any images or details about his girlfriend on social media.

They have, however, frequently been photographed together in public, and Maisa has most recently been sighted outside cheering on her boyfriend during a game.

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Will Smith Helped Marcus Smart Setup His Engagement

Will is one of many reasons why Marcus and Maisa’s proposal has become the talk of the town.

Maisa was made to view a pre-recorded film by the Hollywood actor, in which he suggests the couple’s Christmas is unique before Marcus got down on one knee.

The actor also disclosed that the self-portrait film was shot in Antarctica.

Marcus Smart and Maisa Hallum's Xmas Wedding Was Aided by Will Smith.!

The Celtics player wrote, “She said Y E S! (Whew!) Thank you for the setup assistance, @willsmith! Maisa may be seen displaying the new rock on her finger in the photos.

When the pair are preparing for their special day is unknown.

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The Celtic Star Teased His Fans

Marcus teased fans with cryptic comments on his official account before turning to Instagram to reveal one of the biggest moments of his life, and an engagement announcement was unanticipated.

Marcus Smart and Maisa Hallum's Xmas Wedding Was Aided by Will Smith.!

In his opening tweet, he stated: “I’ve had enough. It has been kept a secret for too long, and it is time it was said.

The next one said, “It’s time for me to go,” after that.

He finally admitted: “Oh I forgot the rest” in the third tweet, which includes a photo of the engaged couple. It’s time for me to end my single status. (Whew) She responded “YES.