Stephen Marley’s Son Jo Mersa Loved His Baby Daughter Very Much.!

Jo Mersa, the grandson of Bob Marley and the son of Stephen Marley, reportedly died at the age of 31. Kerry is the mother of the Jamaican singer.

TMZ reports, On December 27, 2022, Joseph, also known by his stage as Jo Mersa, suddenly away as a result of complications from his asthma. At the time this article was written, no additional information about his passing was known.

Reggae fans all across the world and the reggae community were shocked by his sudden death. The Jamaican English online newspaper, Jamaica Gleaner, also reported Jo’s passing.

Stephen Marley’s Son Resided in The US

Jo, who was born in 1991, grew up in Jamaica. He attended Saints Peter and Paul Preparatory but later transferred to Florida to finish high school.

According to Daily Mail, Jo attended Miami Dade College to study engineering. At the time of his death, he was a resident of the US.

Stephen Marley's Son Jo Mersa Loved His Baby Daughter Very Much

He was one of Stephen’s several kids. He was friends with Kerry, who was later revealed to be Kerry’s mother.

Stephen was Bob Marley’s second son and second-born child. He started learning music when he was just seven years old.

According to Jo’s Instagram posts, his father produced some of his music, including a song that is dedicated to his daughter. Stephen has also received eight Grammy nominations.

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Jo Mersa Was a Father Himself

Many of the images of Jo’s daughter may be found on his Instagram page in addition to his music.

In addition to cherishing every moment they shared, the devoted father joked that his daughter, 6, was growing up too quickly.

On her birthday in January, he tweeted a picture with the kind remark, “Wishing my princess. sunshine. Happy Earthstrong! Now 6 years old, Jah! I implore you, Father Time, to take your time.

Additionally, there are numerous images of his baby’s mother, who is referred to as his “wife” in one post dated 2019.

With more than 105,000 followers on Instagram, the Jamaican singer had a sizable fan base.

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Tributes Pour in For Bob Marley’s Grandson

Following Jo’s passing, Jamaican minister Olivia Grange issued a statement expressing her sympathies for Jo.

In May of this year, in Miramar, Florida, United States, Joseph, whose stage name was Jo Mersa, performed at our Jamaica 60 launch. I offer Stephen, Kerry, Jo’s mother, the Marleys, and other family members my sincere condolences. My sincere condolences go out to Joseph’s friends and acquaintances as well as the reggae music community worldwide and its followers.

Stephen Marley's Son Jo Mersa Loved His Baby Daughter Very Much

On his Instagram, a number of well-known musicians have also paid respect to the singer.

“SIP king,” wrote Cecile. We send our condolences to his father, his entire family, and all of his friends and supporters. My yute, that’s all. Jah knows I sense it. The extent of their loss is beyond what I can even begin to fathom.

Jah is aware, Walshinho said. His knowledge and talent were ridiculous. Love you, monarch. I am really happy I worked with you.