The Social Media Feud Between Master P and Romeo Miller Is Explained.!

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Master P and Romeo Miller Is Explained

Nearly four days after Master P shared a homage to DJ tWitch Boss, who passed away last week, the two have kept on their social media feud.

Today, Master P posted a video of himself talking about the conflict he’s having with his kid, who seems to be involved in a family issue.

Romeo’s father retaliated against him in response to Romeo’s Instagram story, which is no longer accessible.

Master P and Romeo Miller Beef Online

On Friday, December 16, Romeo posted an Instagram story in response to “a man” who had been discussing people with similar problems while ignoring the mental health concerns of his own child.

According to HipHopDX, he stated in a post: “Today was a boiling point. I witnessed a man post a picture of a man who passed away today that he didn’t even know while avoiding his own children’s struggles with depression and suicide. Your idols are all gone. Stop following the blind, please. Keep an eye out for the revelation.

Master P and Romeo Miller Is Explained

Tatyana Miller, Romeo’s sister and the daughter of Master P, went suddenly in May to a private apartment. Fentanyl intoxication was determined to be the cause of her death.

Romeo’s post was made following Master P’s Instagram ode to tWitch Boss. These are crazy times we are living in, you may be laughing one day and Gone the next! He posted a video of the late DJ and SnoopDogg dancing. On January 13th, he was scheduled to be a guest DJ for a concert we were organizing. Life is too short; cherish the people you care about. The mental disease exists.

Romeo’s message may have been directed at someone, but Master P’s response to his son remained unclear.

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Father and Son Take to Social Media

Master P attacked his son Romeo on Instagram in a direct manner.

In one of his messages, he added, “I wouldn’t want this on any parent, especially when you strive to do everything you can for your kids. @romeomiller What is the strategy? Either you are a component of the issue or the solution. The door is always open for you and I love you, but I won’t put up with disrespect. I haven’t seen or spoken to you in a while. God knows I’ve given it my all.

Master P and Romeo Miller Is Explained

Before criticizing him for making “people feel sorry” for him, he stated in the post that he loved his son.

They had “spoken behind closed doors,” Romeo claimed in a comment published beneath his father’s post, and he accused him of not being the guy he claims to be.

He continued, “You merely want to defend your image, but the image isn’t even genuine. Romeo further asserted that he had attempted to keep the family situation within the confines of their house, but that his father, who is “addicted to social media,” uses the app as a kind of “therapy,” had been unsuccessful.

In another tweet, Master P expressed his sadness at his son’s decision to build their relationship on money. Before accusing Romeo of initiating the “social media rage,” the rapper talked about how hard he had to work in Hollywood to pull his family out of the slums.

He repeated that “mental illness is real,” adding that he was coping with his daughter’s death in his own way.

On Instagram, you can view Master P’s most recent video addressing the argument he had with his son.

Master P and Romeo Miller Is Explained

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How Many Children Does the Rapper Have?

Romeo and Tytyana are two of the nine children that Master P is the father to.

According to US Magazine, he and his ex-wife, Sonya C., had seven children together. While Veno Miller, his son, is reportedly adopted, Cymphonique’s mother’s identity hasn’t been made public.

The rapper and his ex-wife were wed from 1989 to 2014.

His kids have made appearances in the 2015 REELZ reality series Master P’s Family Empire.

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