One Piece Chapter 1071 Spoilers and Confirmed Change in Manga Publishing Date.!

What One Piece Chapter 1071 spoilers have been posted online and when will the manga be released internationally?

The One Piece series has been a constant in the lives of millions of fans worldwide since 2022, and as 2023 approaches, the manga is still at the top of the international market.

To celebrate the New Year, the iconic manga series will actually change its usual release schedule with chapter 1071.

What day and hour will One Piece chapter 1071 be released globally, and what 2023 premiere spoilers have been discovered online?

One Piece chapter 1071 Release Date and Time

On Friday, January 6, One Piece manga chapter 1071 will be released for readers outside of Japan.

The Shonen Jump magazine, along with the bulk of major publication sources, is taking its yearly little break for the New Year’s festivities, thus there will be a modification to the customary Sunday-launch timeframe.

The newest One Piece chapter will be released at the following international times, according to Manga Plus:

One Piece Chapter 1071 Spoilers

  • Pacific Time 7 AM
  • Eastern Time 10 AM
  • British Time 3 PM
  • European Time 4 PM
  • India Time 8:30 PM
  • Philippine Time 11 PM
  • Australia Central Daylight Time 1:30 AM

For just $1.99 a month, new readers can access the entire online library of One Piece chapters published by Viz Media. Manga Plus is also available for download to your device via the App Store and Google Play.

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One Piece chapter 1071 spoilers leak online

The popular and often reliable OPspoiler Twitter page revealed the upcoming spoilers, with chapter 1071’s title being revealed to be “A Hero Appears” and showcasing Uta and the Straw Hats team on the cover.

The chapter begins at Red Line, as Real Kuma enters the Red Port amid a sea of terror and proceeds with Mary Geoise toward the World Government sign that leads to the port.

Stussy claims on Egghead Island that Lucci won’t follow the Marine’s orders since he has a grudge against Luffy and Vegapunk. Then, as CP0 agents have shut down all open ports, we watch Lucci becoming quite irate.

A final islander who could help them is needed, says Edison in the lab, but they are unsure whether calling them is a wise idea. Vegapunk chooses to make the call. Vegapunk speaks with the unknown individual and gets their assistance; Vegapunk is sure they can fend off CP0 while they flee.

One Piece Chapter 1071 Spoilers

The Frontier Dome vanishes instantly. The CP0 has already managed to infiltrate, despite the fact that the dome was only offline for a little period before Pythagoras was able to get it back online. The Thousand Sunny is then ordered to be destroyed by Lucci, but just in time, Zoro awakens to battle a frazzled Kaku and save the ship.

When Luffy, Jinbe, and Chopper rejoin the crew, they discover that Bonney and Vegapunk are missing. Returning to the lab, Bonney is pursuing Vegapunk as they shout that they are unable to restore Kuma to normality.

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Cut back to Kid’s crew as they approach Elbaf Island and then back to Marine Base G14m as Doll is having a disagreement with someone there. The person she is arguing with is revealed to be Garp, and she declares that all ships should leave right away for Egghead Island.

One Piece Chapter 1071 Spoilers

Garp’s ship pulls into the G14 port at the end of the chapter, where they pick up Helmeppo and Hibari. Helmeppo, hurry up! Let’s go fight those pirates and get Koby back!