As Randy Fenoli Proposes to Her Lover, Mete Kobal’s Age Is Examined.!

As Randy Fenoli Proposes to Her Lover, Mete Kobal Age Is Examined

We learn more about Mete Kobal’s age and his engagement to Randy Fenoli, a fashion designer, who has been seeing him for a year.

The Say Yes To The Dress presenter and designer published a series of photographs on Instagram over the weekend to share the exciting personal news.

“Yes! It’s a done deal! The photographs’ captions were written by Randy. We got re-engaged! We are madly in love! [Mete Kobal] I greatly appreciate it.

The news of the engagement has piqued fans’ curiosity in Mete Kobal, Randy’s fiancée. We examine Mete’s age, qualifications, employment history, and Instagram account.

Mete Kobal’s Age Explored

According to personal information about Mete Kobal’s education that is readily available on social media, he is supposedly in his late 30s or early 40s.

His Facebook profile states that he began studying mechanical engineering at Sakarya University in 2003, which means that he must have been between the ages of 18 and 19 at the time.

Mete should be 38 or 39 years old in 2022 if he started college at the age of 19.

After completing his studies at Sakarya University in 2007, Mete continued his education at Anadolu University, where he studied from 2007 to 2011.


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Who is Mete Kobal?

Mete is Turkish, according to his Facebook page. At the New York hotel resort The Marmara Park Avenue, he held the position of food and beverage manager.

Along with the two degrees he obtained in Turkey, he enrolled in the business program at Hudson County Community College in September 2014.

Before beginning a romantic connection, Mete and Randy first ran into each other at Marmara Park Avenue in January of this year. They have a unique connection to the hotel since on Saturday, in front of their close friends and family, Randy proposed there.

Before meeting Mete, marriage wasn’t in the cards, the Say Yes To The Dress host admitted in an interview with People.

“I rule the bridal world. I’ve been in the bridal industry for 30 years, and I honestly just never imagined it would happen for me,” he admitted to the publication.

And I approved of that. Since I already have a job, a house, a dog, and a mother, I was like, “Honestly, I’m just going to remain single for the rest of my life.” I later met Mete.


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Meet Mete on Instagram

Mete has 35.7k followers on Instagram and around 100 posts. Fanbase the engagement announcement, and his following is anticipated to grow even more.

Mete’s interests in music, photography, and books are all mentioned in his Instagram bio, along with his love of dogs. He provides a link to his YouTube channel, where a video of a musician playing in a New York City subway has been posted.

You can learn more about Mete by clicking the link below or by following the handle @metekobal:


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