Starbucks in 2022 China Will Have an Advent Calendar with 24 Studded Keychains!

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Starbucks China

The Starbucks China mini-tumbler version keychains for its Advent Calendar in 2022 can make for some unique treasures in the years to come, even if there are still less than 24 days before Christmas.

To make the Christmas countdown more memorable, several companies have released holiday gifts in the form of personalized goods.

Last month, Starbucks China unveiled its Advent Calendar, which is currently trending on TikTok as people unpack it. So, let’s look at it right now.

Starbucks China releases Advent Calendar for 2022

Starbucks China’s

On November 29, Starbucks China debuted its Advent Calendar.

A lot of TikTok users believed that the international shipment would take longer to arrive. Some of them have, however, already gotten it.

A crimson box with white Christmas tree designs serves as the Advent Calendar’s exterior.

When you open the box, you will see sliding compartments on either side. The dates on each of them range from 1 to 24, and next to each number is a keychain accessory that looks like one of the Starbucks tumblers or cold cups.

It is also famously nicknamed the Starbucks Keychain Advent Calendar.

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Where to Buy and Price Revealed

The cost of the Starbucks China Advent Calendar on eBay, with delivery included, is around $250.

The Advent Calendar, however, is not sent to every place. Therefore, before placing the order, submit your information HERE to check the availability.

Depending on where you are, the delivery wait time could also change.

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Coffeehouse Has More Keychain Ornaments

The mini-tumbler keychain is available separately from the Advent Calendar since Starbucks will be releasing more ornaments with a similar design in 2022.

Keychain ornaments that match the Bling Cold Cups, which were released last month, may be purchased for $12.95 apiece.

Additionally, the business is charging $23 for each of the studded keychains featured in the advent calendar on online retailers like Amazon.

The collectibles were still accessible in 2021. In 2022, they were transformed into an Advent calendar, though.


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