The Brief Relationship Between Terry Hall and Jane Wiedlin Produced the Book Our Lips Are Sealed.!

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Brief Relationship Between Terry Hall and Jane Wiedlin

One of Terry Hall’s greatest songs, Our Lips Are Sealed—a tribute to his brief relationship with Jane Wiedlin—remains ingrained in listeners’ memories.

As they paid their respects to one of the greatest musicians of all time today, the members of the Specials band acknowledged Terry’s passing.

The Happy Boy As they remembered the late singer’s music that “encapsulated the very essence of life the pleasure, the anguish, the humor, the battle for justice, but primarily the love,” three of the members showered him with praise.

Brief Relationship Between Terry Hall and Jane Wiedlin

Terry, a Coventry native, and his bandmates gained recognition for their music in the 1970s and 1980s because it explored topics affecting society, politics, and everyday life. As Billy Bragg said in his tribute to Terry, this caused listeners to question their own identities.

Terry Hall’s Former Lover Jane Wiedlin Pays Him Tribute

Jane, who was in tears, tweeted that she was “gutted” to learn of Terry’s passing.

He was a charming, compassionate, gifted, and singular individual, she claimed. Our Lips Are Sealed, is the song that brought about our incredibly brief affair and will always link us to music history.

In an interview, the Go-Go band member revealed that she first met Terry when she was 20 years old. When The Specials came to see them in 1980, Jane and her bandmates were playing at The Whiskey on Sunset Strip, and that’s where she first met Terry.

She stated that while they were briefly romantically linked, Terry sent her the lyrics to the song Our Lips Are Sealed, which was about their relationship.

The remaining lyrics and melody were written by Jane, and The Fun Boy Three later recorded it in their own rendition.


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a message that Jane Wiedlin (@janewiedlin) shared

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The Go-Go Singer Is Engaged to Terence Lundy

In October 2022, Terence Lundy, Jane’s boyfriend, announced their engagement.

According to PEOPLE, her fiancé is the founder and CEO of the Pobal addiction treatment business.

She uploaded a photo of them that appears to have been shot in a restaurant and captioned it, “Me and my FIANC.”

In another Instagram image, the singer flaunted her engagement ring and said, “She said yes! And by that, I mean I consented.

Brief Relationship Between Terry Hall and Jane Wiedlin

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Tributes Pour in For the Specials Singer

Although it is unknown how they first connected, they are said to have been photographed together at the Head Over Heels Broadway musical’s opening night party in 2018.

According to the Specials statement, Terry passed away following a “brief illness.” The band posted four tweets in which they paid their respects to Terry and asked for his family’s privacy.

Brief Relationship Between Terry Hall and Jane Wiedlin

The band members expressed their sorrow in one song, writing: “He leaves behind the gift of his extraordinary music and genuine compassion, and will be deeply missed by those who knew and loved him. At the conclusion of The Specials’ upbeat performances, Terry frequently said the words “Love Love Love” before exiting the stage.

Boy George, a musician, tweeted: “Very sad to hear about Terry Hall! Totally adored him as a creative. What a day!

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