Fans Find It Strange That Theophilus London and Kanye West Are Both Listed as “Missing.”!

This week, Theophilus London’s family reported him missing, and there are allegations that his partner Kanye West has also vanished.

The Trinidad and Tobago-born American rapper has collaborated with the 45-year-old on multiple occasions over the years.

Kanye contributed to Theophilus’ single Can’t Stop in 2014, while the Donda star’s song All Day alongside Allan Kingdom and Paul McCartney the following year featured the 35-year-old rapper.

Theophilus London Reported Missing

Theophilus London’s family reported him missing to the police on Wednesday (December 28) and gave a statement to Variety.

Theophilus London’s friends and family stated they had been trying to piece together his whereabouts for a few weeks.

The 35-year-family old’s also disclosed that he had not updated his Instagram account since July 2022, when he was last heard from in Los Angeles.

Theophilus London and Kanye West Are Both Listed as "Missing."!

On Tuesday, December 27, they reported him missing to the Los Angeles Police Department and are now asking for the public’s assistance in locating him.

He last texted someone on October 15, according to a representative of the LAPD, who talked to the Los Angeles Times.

Officer Tony Im stated that the rapper left his residence on Ventura Boulevard that day and was later observed on Skid Row.

In the message, the rapper’s father said, “Theo, know that your Dad loves you, son. “You are missed. All of your family members and friends are looking for you. Please send us a signal from wherever you are. Whatever happens, we’re coming to get you, son.

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Baseless Reports Say Kanye Is ‘Missing’ Too

On the same day, false allegations that Kanye West was also “missing” began to circulate, but there is no reason to think that they are accurate.

According to his former business manager, Kanye West has apparently been absent and hard to trace for weeks, according to a fabricated story from the Daily Louds Twitter account.

Theophilus London and Kanye West Are Both Listed as "Missing."!

The rapper hasn’t been visible for a few weeks, hasn’t appeared on any podcasts, and hasn’t posted anything on Instagram.

However, Kanye is currently known to be healthy and enjoying a break from the internet.

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Fans Think It’s Strange

Fans are worried about Kanye and Theophilus and find it strange that the missing person reports surfaced on the same day.

Kanye and Theophilus London going missing at the same time is strange, one user wrote.

Theophilus London and Kanye West Are Both Listed as "Missing."!

Kanye West and Theophilus London both reported going missing on the same day, right?

Tweeted Another.

“Hopefully it all turns out that Theophilus London and Kanye have been recording songs together in secret,” a third person commented.