Why Do Some Twitter Accounts Have Square Avatars?

Twitter Accounts Have Square Avatars

If you’ve been on Twitter lately, you’ve probably noticed that some profile pictures have square borders. Why is this and how did it happen?

Twitter has been implementing new improvements since Elon Musk acquired control of the company in an effort to make the site a forum for everyone.

The most recent modification was the appearance of square profile images for some individuals.

Why Do Some Accounts Have Square Profile Pictures on Twitter?

People that have a gold verification badge on their profiles enjoy the square profile images. The presence of a gold tick indicates that the profile is associated with a company or brand.

This, regrettably, means that not every profile will like the square appearance. Weeks after the various tick marks for verification were added to the platform, the profile picture was changed.

Twitter Accounts Have Square Avatars

The government is represented by grey checkmarks, while celebrities, journalists, and other notable people are represented by blue. Companies and brands are represented by gold.

To make it simpler for Twitter users to distinguish between different profiles, several improvements were made.

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How to Get Verified on Twitter

People who belonged to organizations or had celebrity status at first benefited from verification. The requirements to be validated on the page, however, have changed since Musk took over the corporation. According to Musk, those who paid an $8 monthly fee would receive the benefit of being verified on the network in addition to other advantages.

Twitter Accounts Have Square Avatars

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Some Benefits Enjoyed by Verified Users

Verified users will receive preference in replies, mentions, and searches. The purpose of this is to prevent spam and fraud from appearing on the platform.

Additionally, they can upload lengthy audio and video files and have half as many adverts as normal users.

Twitter Accounts Have Square Avatars

Additionally, verified users will receive a supplementary tag that will show up next to the names of famous people. To help others recognize your account, you can use this tag to indicate the company you work for.

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