Why Did Twitter Spaces Stop Existing?

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Why Did Twitter Spaces Stop Existing?

Users want to know exactly what happened when Twitter Spaces was interrupted because it stopped working about the same time Elon Musk and journalists were speaking with each other about the same feature.

Elon was reportedly questioned on Friday, December 17, regarding his choice to permanently deactivate the accounts of journalists. The conversation was abruptly interrupted by many platform users when he departed it.

The CEO of Tesla has provided an explanation for Twitter Spaces’ abrupt malfunction.

What Happened to Twitter Spaces?

When a user reported that Twitter Spaces was malfunctioning and not letting users join the rooms, Elon responded in one of his tweets that the feature was down due to a “legacy fault.” But things are going well right now.

Why Did Twitter Spaces Stop Existing?

It Was Inaccessible to Users on IOS and Android.

It was “at least partially taken from the platform,” according to The Verge.

An error notice that read: “Spaces isn’t accessible on this device yet, but we’re working on it!” was displayed to users.

Elon tweeted “Spaces is back” a few hours later to clarify that the fault had been addressed.

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Elon Musk Was in A Conversation with Journalists

The Tesla owner tweeted just before announcing the restoration of Spaces, “So inspiring to witness the newfound love of freedom of speech by the press.”

Katie Notopoulos from Buzzfeed News and Drew Harwell, a reporter whose Twitter account was permanently suspended, joined Elon on Spaces to talk about his assertion that he supports free expression.

A number of well-known journalists were blocked by the billionaire from using Twitter due to doxxing, which is against Twitter policy. According to The Verge, he reportedly said, “You dox, you get suspended.

Why Did Twitter Spaces Stop Existing?

Elon said that his son, Lil X, was being pursued by a “crazy stalker” in Los Angeles the day before numerous journalists’ accounts were banned. Several journalists published this on Twitter along with the LAPD’s statement regarding the incident, and the very following day, their accounts were suspended.

The owner of Tesla also mentioned in his tweet that he was suing 20-year-old programmer Jack Sweeney, the person behind the now-suspended account ElonJet and that he was taking legal action against him.

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What Are Twitter Spaces?

Using information that was already in the public domain, ElonJet tracked the location of Elon’s private aircraft in real-time. The Twitter CEO first stated that he would not remove ElonJet despite the privacy danger, but he changed his mind after learning that his son was allegedly stalked in a car in Los Angeles.

Why Did Twitter Spaces Stop Existing?

On the social networking platform, live audio conversations take occur in Twitter Spaces.

People can join you by clicking on them when they appear at the top of the timeline. You get to determine when and who gets to talk.

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