Which Kind of Cancer Did Pele Have? Death of A Football Legend.

Edson Arantes do Nascimento, better known as Pele, was a football great who tragically passed suddenly at the age of 82 after a fight with cancer. The Brazilian attacker was hailed as one of history’s greatest players and given the FIFA title of “the greatest.”

He holds the Guinness World Record for the most goals scored by a football player with 1,279, and he won an incredible three World Cups. Pel passed away on December 29 at the Albert Einstein Hospital in So Paulo, but what type of cancer did he have? Read the details of his diagnosis…

What Cancer Did Pele Have?

Colon cancer, a condition in which cells in the colon or rectum grow out of control, affected the football player. It ranks third among cancer diagnoses in the country. The hospital reported that he died at 3:27 p.m. from “multiple organ failures stemming from the advancement of colon cancer related to his prior medical condition.”

Which Kind of Cancer Did Pele Have? Death of A Football Legend.!

He got chemotherapy in September 2021 after having surgery to remove a colon tumor that was found during normal examinations. After spending weeks in the hospital, he posted on Facebook, “I am very delighted to be back at home.” “I want to thank everyone at Albert Einstein Hospital for making my stay enjoyable,” the patient said.

Prior to that, he underwent surgery for a prostate issue in 2015, only a few months after receiving medical treatment for a urinary infection in late 2014.

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He Felt ‘Depressed’ Due to Poor Health

The Brazilian celebrity’s son Edinho claimed in 2020 that his ailing father was despondent and hesitant to leave the house. He was no longer able to walk unassisted and was forced to use a frame or wheelchair to get around in 2012 after a failed hip surgery.

He is quite vulnerable. He got a hip replacement, but his recovery wasn’t sufficient or perfect, Edinho told TV Globe in an interview. He said, “So he has this mobility issue and it has caused a kind of despair. “Imagine he’s the King, always such a commanding presence, and he can’t walk right now.”

Which Kind of Cancer Did Pele Have? Death of A Football Legend.!

“He doesn’t want to go out, be seen, or do pretty much anything that entails leaving the house,” Pele’s son claimed, adding that his father felt “embarrassed.” He is quite sheepish and withdrawn.

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Footballer’s Daughter Pays Tribute

Kely Nascimento, the daughter of the football star, posted a tearful Instagram tribute to inform her followers of her father’s passing. “Everything we are is owed to you,” she wrote beside a photo of the family’s hands resting on top of her father’s. You have our undying love. Peace be with you.

Which Kind of Cancer Did Pele Have? Death of A Football Legend.!

Just a few days prior, she had congratulated the medical staff at the Albert Einstein hospital and informed them that they would be spending Christmas in the hospital with Pele. After the former football player’s chemotherapy treatment failed to produce any results, he was admitted to the hospital in early December and started receiving palliative care.

His daughter frequently updated the website. She added, “One more night together,” next to a picture of herself holding her father in a hospital bed.