Why Did Everyone Start Calling Mike Leach “The Pirate”?

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Mike Leach, the football coach of Mississippi State University, killed away tragically, and many people are paying him homage on social media by utilizing the nickname “The Pirate.”

Following difficulties from a cardiac problem, the 61-year-old passed away on Monday, December 12 at the University of Mississippi Medical Center in Jackson.

“Mike was a devoted and generous father, grandpa, and husband. He was able to donate his organs to UMMC as a final act of kindness, according to a statement from his family.

“The outpouring of love and prayers from family, friends, Mississippi State University, the hospital staff, and football fans all over the world” is encouraging and supportive. Why then is he known as The Pirate? Find out by reading on.

Why was Mike Leach called The Pirate?

 Mike Leach

The moniker was created while Mike served as the head football coach at Texas Tech University from 2000 to 2009. He took a pirate’s sword to show his team while he was lecturing there and used it as a metaphor to give them some advice. He mentioned using enormous force when swinging your blade, precisely like Blackbeard-style pirates would have done, and the pirate lingo caught on.

Soon after, supporters started giving him swords and flags, and the media started referring to him as the “pirate coach.” Additionally, he created the phrase “swing your sword,” which ended up serving as the name of his 2011 autobiography.

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More About the Famous Pirate Talk

In his memoirs Swing Your Sword: Leading the Charge in Football and in Life, the football coach delves into the topic of pirate talk.

Before I entered the room, I had given my speech a lot of thought. Like I always did before meetings, I scribbled down a bunch of thoughts on a scrap of paper,” he added.

As I worked on it, the pirates and the sword metaphor just felt perfect. It’s vital for a squad to be introduced to sports other than football. I placed that sword across the podium after taking it.

Your body serves as your weapon. He recalled asking as he swung the sword around, “Are you going to swing your sword aggressively, or truly out of control like you’re out there playing street ball?”

“If you’re panicked and not in control of your thoughts, you put yourself in danger. Are you going to swing it tremblingly while ducking your head? Or are you going to swing it with superb technique and no hesitation?

The argument was made that the players were pirates and that their swords would be drawn when they next engaged in combat (a football game), but his squad chuckled and glanced at him.

Swing Your Sword became our rallying cry, he continued. “We won our next two games but lost to No. 6 Texas on a last-second touchdown pass. In the Houston Bowl, we defeated the Navy to end the season 38–14.

“I understand that the pirates’ speech was unusual, but you can’t live in fear or insecurity.”

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Fans Pay Tribute to The Pirate

Many people are using the much-loved coach’s nickname, The Pirate, on Twitter to pay tribute to him.

Someone wrote:

One more said:

A third individual added:

Another user tweeted:

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