What Is the DS4 Windows Process, and How Is It Used?

If you own a DualShock 4 controller for the PlayStation 4 and want to use it on your computer, DS4Windows is a simple program that will enable you to do just that. Just hook up your DualShock to your computer through a micro USB cable, Bluetooth 4.0, or something similar, and then install the Xbox 360 controller drivers.

When you first launch DS4Windows on your PC, it will prompt you to install the required drivers. After installing the software, the DualShock 4 will be recognized by games as an Xbox 360 controller (which is standard for most video games on Windows).

DS4Windows enables you to set up as many distinct “game profiles” as you choose, each with its own unique set of controls tailored to a certain game. Playstation 4 and PC players who want to use the DualShock 4 while playing on Windows will find this an indispensable program.

Why DS4Windows?

Console players now had their wish come true with the release of the DS4Windows software. With this software, connecting the controller to a Windows PC is much less complicated than before. In addition, it has fantastic features that let you customize your game experience to perfection.

The user interface is uncluttered and straightforward, making it easy to set up and ready to play in a matter of minutes. But, before beginning to play, you have the option of making as many adjustments as you like. You may experiment with a lot of different features and settings in DS4Windows.

This is a rundown of some of DS4Windows’ best features:

  • To access even more fantastic games, use your PlayStation DS4 controller to simulate an Xbox 360 controller.
  • The touchpad can be used as a mouse or for other purposes.
    Use six-axis movement as frequently as you can.
  • You can fully customize and control the light bar. You can, for instance, switch it off, change the colors based on the battery level, and do a lot more.
  • To quickly identify the Xbox 360 controls and keyboard layouts, map the sticks and buttons.
  • Save controller configurations as various profiles to make switching between configurations easier.
  • change profiles automatically when a specific game or program is launched
  • By holding an action button, you can add an entirely new set of controls.
  • Obtain a functional reading to evaluate how the six-axis and sticks are operating.

Why DS4Windows?

  • Both analog sticks, the triggers, and the six-axis can be given a deadline.
  • Receive automatic updates

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Which Controllers Does DS4 Windows Support?

The DualShock 3, DS4, and PS5 DualSense can all be used on Windows Computers with the aid of DS4Windows. The Joy-Cons and Nintendo Switch Pro controllers are also supported. You may utilize macros, assign controllers to any game, including ones that use the keyboard and mouse, and more.

Does the Computer Completely Support the Ps5 Controller?

The DualSense PS5 controller, commonly known as the DualSense, may be connected to a PC through Bluetooth or USB but is mostly only compatible with Steam titles. You can make it work flawlessly with DS4Windows and, depending on the game, even employ haptic feedback and adjustable triggers.

Does the Computer completely support the PS5 controller?


  • To utilize the DS4 in more games and enjoy rumbling, use X360-style input.
  • To map a DS4, DualSense, Switch Pro, and JoyCon, use the same program.
  • Use the touchpad for additional activities or as a mouse.
  • Employ six-axis motion for an equal number of activities.
  • Control the Lightbar to turn it off, adjust it based on the battery level dynamically, and more.
  • Map the 360 controls, keyboard shortcuts, and/or macros to the buttons and sticks.
  • Employ profiles to rapidly swap between your controllers’ setups
  • When a certain program or programs are launched, swap profiles automatically.
  • Hold an action down to reveal an entirely new set of controls.
  • Find out how the sticks and six-axis are operating.

Turn Off the Support for Steam Controller Mapping

At the time of writing this (2018-12-13), there have been recent upgrades to the Steam client, which have enabled Xbox Configuration Compatibility by default. This implies that before starting Steam Large Picture Mode or running a game, Steam will automatically assign a detected Xbox 360 controller to KB+M bindings (Desktop Mode).

As the virtual Xbox 360 controller will be assigned to KB+M actions for desktop mode and games launched outside of the Steam client, this poses a challenge for DS4Windows. Open Steam Big Picture Mode, go to Settings > Controller > Controller Settings, and remove both Xbox Configuration Support and PlayStation Configuration Support in order to run DS4Windows effectively.

Personal Gaming Evaluation

As I don’t have a large collection of PC games, there may be some that people test that I am unable to play. Since I won’t have access to play a game, there may probably be instances when I can’t immediately test against it. The majority of free-to-play games and games with a demo version should be suitable for testing.

It could be preferable if folks tested against any other game I have in my collection and attempted to recreate an issue. The URLs to my Steam and GOG profiles are provided here so that folks may view the titles I own.

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Requests for Pull

For DS4Windows, pull requests are welcomed. Please test your modifications before submitting a pull request to make sure they won’t have a negative impact on how well the application runs in other places. During code review, some thought will be given to how to fine-tune the modifications to enhance application performance. However, if no workable solution can be identified to include code modifications, a pull request could be declined.