How Does Marshmello’s Face Appear When He’s Not Wearing a Mask?

While marshmallows are commonly enjoyed with hot cocoa, another Marshmello is more well-known for its association with a massive helmet and a slew of celebrities. Both are delicious, but one is a DJ who has worked with big names like Selena Gomez and still manages to keep a low profile.

Marshmello is a DJ who goes under a pseudonym and covers his face with a big marshmallow-shaped helmet. Since the beginning of his career, Marshmello’s followers have longed to see him without his trademark helmet, but if he has anything to say about it, he won’t be taking it off anytime soon.

On many occasions, he has had well-known acquaintances pass as themselves when wearing his signature piece of jewelry. However, there is one plausible idea concerning his identity, and if it turns out to be correct, we will have seen him without his disguise. If you don’t believe me, keep reading.

Marshmello is no stranger to playing with his listeners’ feelings

Marshmello is no stranger to playing with his listeners' feelings

After a countdown from the audience at EDC Las Vegas in 2016, “Marshmello” took off his helmet to a roar of applause. On the other hand, that wasn’t him at all. The DJ who was really sporting the square mask was Tiesto.

Marshmello then posted Tiesto’s video to his own YouTube channel with the caption “Marshmello Finally exposes himself at EDC Las Vegas 2016,” further taunting everyone. To (kind of) explain the helmet, Marshmello tweeted in August 2017 “For privacy reasons, I never remove my helmet. I want to make something inspiring so that others may relate to it.”

He later elaborated, writing, “The helmet makes me marsh mellow and likewise makes you marsh Mello…we are all marshmallows.” So, if you’re curious about Marshmello’s appearance, perhaps you just glance in the mirror. It’s not a bad idea to give it a try.

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Just which famous people has Marshmello worked with?

The artist has collaborated with several prominent figures in the music business before. His first studio album, Joytime, was followed by 2018’s Joytime 2 and 2019’s Joytime 3. Songs like “Alone,” “Keep It, Mello,” and “Silence,” all of which include Khalid, helped propel Marshmello to stardom.

He collaborated with Demi Lovato (“Focus”), Kane Brown (“One Thing Right”), Juice WRLD (“Come & Go”), Roddy Ricch (“Project Dreams”), Roddy Ricch (“Every day”), Logic (“Every day”), Bastille (“Happier”), Halsey (“Be Kind”), Juice WRLD (“Come & Go”), and Selena Gomez (“Wolves”) (OK Not to Be OK).

The reveal of Marshmello’s true identity has had no detrimental effect on the DJ’s career

Earning $21 million in 2016, he was one of the highest-paid DJs in the industry in 2017. In 2020, he will likely be valued at approximately $40 million, according to estimates. Concerts featuring him remain extremely popular and sell out quickly.

He just dropped the finest Fortnite music video ever with his song “Alone” in 2019. The video, which has over 72 million views, is quite ridiculous. Even so, it highlights Marshmello’s youth and adaptability as a performer.

This is why, mask or no mask, he has so much support. Indeed, he is on the same page! A man with boundless vitality. He can make up for any deficiencies in his ability or brand recognition without ever having to show his face in public.

All he needs is his helmet, in fact. Because of his experience with artists like Khalid, Selena Gomez, and most recently Halsey, he also has a wide network of contacts in the music industry.

Chris’s career arc from Dotcom to Marshmello to the top of the electronic dance music charts took barely two years. Strange as it may sound, now that we know who Marshmello is, we don’t care about his appearance; we simply want to hear his music.