The Best PS2 Pc Emulator in The Year 2023!

When it comes to video games, the PlayStation 2 (PS2) is consistently ranked among the most popular and extensively adopted console systems. All PS2 emulators do not, however, provide the same playing experience. These emulators have superior processing capability compared to conventional gaming systems.

A number of PlayStation 2 (PS2) emulators are compatible with both the Android and PC platforms, so you can download one and start playing right away. Play PlayStation 2 games on your mobile device with the help of an emulator.

Almost every game on the PlayStation 2 can be played on an Android phone. Some PS2 emulators operate quickly while others are sluggish, but they all feature high-quality visuals. The fact that these emulators are entirely gratis is certainly plus (or available at a low price). You may play these games on your Android device by downloading and installing an emulator.

PC PS2 Emulator of Choice

  • PCSX2


The only PS2 emulator for the Computer with 100 percent game compatibility is PCSX2. They accomplished this in November of the previous year. For Windows and Linux computers, the console emulator is accessible, and Vulkan rendering was recently enabled.

The emulator comes in two versions: a 32-bit installer and a portable version that is a zipped file. The latter is flawless and provides all the features. To launch the emulator, you must have an original copy of the BIOS.

Instead, you can choose a different ROM for each launch if you preload a disc that runs every time. Enjoy PS2 games in 4K with a custom resolution that supports vertical sync, anti-aliasing, and texture-filtering, and can reach a maximum of 4096 x 4096 pixels and beyond (with a recent update).

By default, every popular controller is accepted, including Xbox360, and PS3 with DualShock 3, Logitech, and others. A Guitar Hero 2 hack is also available, and it can be activated from the controller settings as needed.

Moreover, Lilypad bindings may be built and later loaded using the controller function. Play console games as soon as you plug in your preferred controller.

Create incredible PS2 gaming highlights as a broadcaster or content producer by using the onboard capability and the F12 hotkey to record games.

  • RetroArch



The foundation of console emulation that has simplified the gaming experience is RetroArch. To simulate PlayStation games, the PS2 emulator uses cores. A core is simply a set of plugins that RetroArch uses to simulate games from various platforms on its user interface. These may all be downloaded onto the app via the online updater.

Here we have a cross-platform PS2 emulator that works on a few dozen different systems. With the configuration files, you may carry your settings and games with you everywhere you go.

RetroArch offers a conventional, unstylish Desktop menu that includes all the required options right there on the screen. The whole display, including the dashboard for screenshots and the core loading and game import.

Manually import the games or add folders for an auto-scan to find fresh gains with each start. Deep filters are used in the manual scan to quickly locate the individual data files. Also, you may search for specific files that fit your criteria.

When it comes to streaming and producing material, RetroArch has an advantage over PCSX2 in this area. With the built-in interface, you may stream straight to Twitch, YouTube, Facebook Gaming, local networks, or other destinations (Settings > Recording).

Set stream quality, URLS (for custom), GPU encoding, and other streaming options in addition to that.

Play PS2 games online with Netplay multiplayer to continue the journey; you can either join an existing lobby or start your own. There is a lobby browser that contains lobby pages for several games.

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  • Play!


We now go on to the more straightforward PS2 gaming app. Play! is a computer PlayStation 2 emulator that doesn’t include any unnecessary extras for consumers and keeps things simple.

The same functions are offered on Windows, Linux, and Android versions of the software. Since its debut, more than 1500 titles have been made compatible, and more are being made accessible through volunteer efforts.

Include games in the ROM dashboard and add them to the home screen. You may search them and organize them into Homebrew, Recently Played, and Unsorted categories. Ten save states are included in each game ROM, and you may load them right away from the Virtual Machine interface.

Major controllers may be connected, and because the keyboard keys are bound by default, it can be played just as well without a gamepad. Immediately increase the resolution to 16K if your monitor can handle it. As GS handlers, Vulkan and OpenGL are both accessible. To balance the use of resources, the frame rate might be limited to the refresh rate of the display.

  • AetherSX2


The newest addition to our list is AetherSX2, and as of the beginning of August, the development team has released a broad range of amazing enhancements, making this PS2 emulator a viable rival in this list.

It is the ideal emulator for some of the top Android portable gaming consoles now available, namely the AYN Odin because it exclusively supports Android operating systems.

The most recent update improves performance, enabling you to push your device to its limits and enjoy your favorite games at even higher frame rates. Naturally, it depends on the device you’re using, but with the correct one, you can get the majority of the finest PS2 games to run flawlessly on this.

The update also provided a tonne of options for setting adjustments, resolution updates, controller synchronization, and other things.

This is the top PS2 emulator available for Android-based smartphones.

  • NSx2


NSX2 is one of the more than 20-year-old PS2 emulators for the Computer. DVDs and.ELF are both supported out of the box. The vertical sync is the only parameter worth noticing. Go to Settings > Emulator > General to enable it. The interface is accessible in seven different languages.

In the emulator, PS2 ROMs cannot automatically load. Every time, manually browse them from the File menu.

  • Hpsx64


Since its active development began in 2018, hpsx64 is a relatively new PS emulator. For titles like FIFA, Tekken, Street Fighter, etc., where local multiplayer is vital to the experience, we gain support for two gamepads. Vertical sync, video buffering, and shaders are just a few of the options we provide. As the emulator is still being developed, we cannot currently anticipate a wide range of game compatibility.

Watch out for the straightforward 2D PS2 games that may be replicated here.

  •  PS2Emu


Finally, there is PS2Emu, an experimental PS2 emulator that has been actively being developed for a time. Plugins must be manually moved into the plugins folder for audio, graphics, and general control. The PlayStation 2 emulator only offers a full-screen mode with an unfriendly user interface. This one should not be used by beginners.