Ben Azelart Told His Girlfriend that He Was in A New Relationship.

who is ben azelart dating

Ben Azelart is a well-known skateboarder and YouTuber. On his YouTube channel with the same name, he vlogs about his adventures and eccentric abilities. Ben Azelart attended Kailua Intermediate School and is a native of Hawaii.

He has a strong skateboarding resume and has competed in events like the King of the Groms and the Association of Skateboarders Hawaii. He was also spotted during the 2017 Vans US Open.

In March 2021, Azelart debuted his podcast Remain Wild. He is a well-known TikTok celebrity as well, having a combined fanbase of 323.1 million and 13.3 million. Everyone can enjoy the substance of his YouTube videos. He is funny and frequently pulls practical jokes in his videos.

Ben started watching YouTube on June 5, 2014, and as of today, he has 983,150,784 views. The 19-year-old celebrity has over 6.86 million fans and uploads his videos every Sunday. Since he was originally connected to Lexi Rivera, Ben Azelart has been in the headlines frequently.

Fans adored him and the TikToker since they were frequently spotted working together. Fans worldwide are extremely eager to learn any fresh details about their favorite social media celebrity since his love life has been the talk of the town.

We will discuss “Who is Ben Azelart dating in 2021?” and learn more about his personal life in this post.

Information about Lexi Rivera

Information about Lexi Rivera


The first time Lexi Rivera gained notoriety was because of his brother’s YouTube channel. It’s true that Lexi is Brent Rivera’s sister; she frequently appeared in his films. On August 21, 2010, Lexi launched her own YouTube account.

She has received around 6.12 million subscribers and 975,669,711 total views so far. Although growing her own fanbase, Lexi is frequently seen working alongside Brent. Originally from California, Lexi was born on June 7th, 2001.

When Lexi first joined YouTube in 2010, she didn’t use it very much, so her brother Brent created a channel to highlight Lexi’s gymnastic skills. Nonetheless, his fan base expanded faster than Lexi’s, and Brent began concentrating on his channel.

The Lexiloulouu YouTube channel that belonged to Lexi stopped being active in 2012. Subsequently, she continued to participate in Brent’s videos, and she eventually began to gain notoriety. Also, she received a tonne of support on Instagram.

She felt empowered by this to restart her YouTube channel. Her first video was a question-and-answer session based on all of the inquiries from her Instagram followers.

She is well-known for both her prank videos and her skill as a gymnast. She also has fitness motivational videos on her channel in addition to beauty and glamour ones. With over 15.9 million followers and 342.1 million likes, she is also a well-known TikTok celebrity.

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Who is Ben Azelart’s romantic partner?

Ben fans should exhale with ease because it seems that the YouTuber isn’t dating anybody right now and is totally single. Ben has been active on social media, posting frequently for his followers, and it is evident that none of his tweets are romantic in nature.

Since his well-publicized separation from Lexi Rivera, the dashing skateboarder seems to have been leading a solitary existence. With a combined 19.5 million YouTube followers, Lexi and her brother Brent—who is also good friends with Ben—are social media stars in their own right.

Ben and Lexi actually connected through Brent, and the two began dating in 2018 when they started working together on YouTube videos. The couple’s hot chemistry was evident in every film they shot together, and fans couldn’t get enough of the romance.

Unluckily, the pair broke up in 2020, and the news crushed fans. They both acknowledged that they still cared for one another as friends but that their relationship “no longer made [them] happy” in a video explaining their split.


Online dating is a whole different experience, and we found it to be incredibly confusing, according to Lexi. She continued by saying that it was challenging for the pair to satisfy their followers while still ensuring their own happiness, but in the end, they chose to put themselves first.

Ben was said to have dated Lexi Hensler, a social media personality with the same first name, before meeting her. Supporters cited several internet exchanges between the two that appeared to almost prove that they were dating.

Even though Ben and Lexi made what would undoubtedly have been a lovely pair, it turns out that they were merely close friends who worked together frequently. Ben did formally date Brighton Sharbino in 2018, prior to the emergence of reports linking him to Lexi Hensler.

Brighton is a talented young actress who has been in several noteworthy productions, with The Walking Dead on AMC being her most well-known role.

When she shared a photo on Instagram with the caption “Prom with @benazelart,” showing Ben and Brighton posing as a couple, rumors about their relationship began to circulate. Ben and Brighton, however, never publicly acknowledged their relationship while they were still together.

Brighton brought up their connection until after their formal breakup. In her sister, Saxon Sharbino’s YouTube prank video titled “I Packed My Sister’s Room with Photos of Her Ex-Boyfriend (ben Azelart) *shocking Reaction*,” Brighton Spoke out About the Breakup.

Brighton explains to viewers in the film that Ben was the ideal partner for her during their relationship and that their split was “the easiest breakup you could ever have.”

We love to read about Ben’s all-around sweetness and the way he treats his girlfriends and even ex-girlfriends.

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