Who is the strongest pirate in the One Piece story?

With Gol D. Roger’s demise, the Great Pirate Era in One Piece began, and innumerable pirates went to the seas in pursuit of the legendary “One Piece.” Even before the Great Pirate Era began, certain magnificent pirates controlled the seas of the One Piece world.

This was all because of Roger’s last words. Some of them were notable enough for historians to preserve their names, while others were so influential that the government obliterated all traces of their existence. However, the influence they had shown that they left an indelible mark.

Rei Penber’s latest update, posted February 23, 2022: After Gol D. Roger began the Great Pirate Era in One Piece’s universe, a whole new crop of buccaneers took to the high seas.

However, there were a few pirates back in the day that was incredibly well-known, and their names are still recognized and discussed today. While we have highlighted 10 of One Piece’s most formidable pirates, there are many others who should be recognized for their contributions.

As such, we’ve added to this roster of the most formidable sea robbers of yesteryear.

Urouge Fought and Beat A Nice Commander All By Himself

Sky island native and Mad Monk Pirates commander Urouge also happens to be a member of the infamous “Worst Generation.” He’s well-known in the New World, and he’s got a Devil Fruit that lets him turn his wounds into muscle.

The Sweet Commanders used to number four, and they were the most powerful members of the Big Mom Pirates’ crew. Even though Charlotte Snack has a bounty that is more than three times as large as Urouge’s, Urouge took on and vanquished her on his own.

In the worst generation, Eustass Kid is one of the strongest representatives.

In the worst generation, Eustass Kid is one of the strongest representatives.

A member of the “Worst Generation” like Urouge, Eustass Kid leads the Kid Pirates. His voyage began in South Blue, where he and his team became notorious for a large number of civilians they killed. As a result of eating the Devil Fruit, he is able to control magnetic forces, which explains his ability to both attract and repulsion metal.

While Kid may not be one of the most morally upstanding characters in One Piece, he is undeniably formidable. He survived a battle with Kaido and engaged Big Mom on Onigashima. It was because of Shanks that he lost his left arm. A pirate who can say they battled and defeated three emperors must be very formidable.

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They say Edward Weevil is Whitebeard’s son.

To hear Weevil tell it, he’s the son of Edward Newgate, the former Strongest Man in the One Piece universe. This pirate is considered to be as formidable as Whitebeard was in his prime.

The weevil has a 480 million berry bounty on his head for killing off countless Whitebeard Pirates’ comrades. With the Shichibukai system no longer in place, the price of Weevil is expected to rise even higher.

To settle the score with Monkey D. Luffy and Marco the Phoenix over Whitebeard’s loot, he is now searching for them.

Jack Single-Handedly Destroyed Zou

Kaido considers Jack the Drought, leader of the Beast Pirates, to be one of his All-Stars. There is a billion berry bounty on Jack, the huge grouper fish-man who dominates the Kuri area of Wano.

As a result of eating an Ancient Zoan Devil Fruit, Jack may change into a mammoth or a human-mammoth hybrid, giving him superhuman strength. Jack may destroy a whole island when he goes on a killing spree, as shown in Zou.

The Queen Is A Cyborg Who Eats The Devil’s Fruit From Ancient Zoa

The Queen Is A Cyborg Who Eats The Devil's Fruit From Ancient Zoa

The current king of the Udon area of Wano, Queen is also one of Kaido’s All-Stars. He is a talented scientist who collaborated with Sanji’s dad, Caesar Clown, and the legendary Dr. Vegapunk on the unlawful MADS research project.

Thanks to his own bodily modifications, Queen is now a cyborg with a 1.32 billion berri bounty and is regarded as the third strongest member of the Beast Pirates. Fans have witnessed a number of stunning Zoan transformations, and Queen is able to turn into a brachiosaurus thanks to an Ancient Zoan ability.