Are Lauren and Cameron Pregnant? Cameron Hamilton’s Candid and Thoughtful Response to the Pregnancy Question Unveiled!!

Are Lauren and Cameron Pregnant? Cameron Hamilton and Lauren Speed became popular on Love Is Blind Season 1 in 2020. People loved them! Now, everyone is curious about what they’re up to and if they’re going to have a baby. If you check out their Instagram pages, you can get a good idea.

Back when they first met on Love Is Blind, the show was new and different for Netflix viewers. In the beginning, the contestants had these things called pods where they talked but couldn’t see each other. It might sound strange for couples to get close without even seeing each other, but some of them felt a deep connection right away.

Lauren and Cameron, with the last name Speed and a connection to a famous race car driver (Lewis Hamilton), fell for each other quickly. On just the fourth day of talking, Lauren told Cameron how much she liked him.

In this article, we’re going to dive into their relationship, see what they’re thinking about starting a family, and learn about their plans for the future.

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Speculations and Rumors Swirl: Are Lauren and Cameron Pregnant?

are lauren and cameron pregnant

Lauren and Cameron aren’t going to have a baby right now. Cameron Hamilton wants everyone to know that it’s not cool to keep asking him and Lauren when they’re going to have a baby. 

In a video on Instagram, he said it’s not right because nobody knows what’s happening in their relationship behind the scenes. Cameron wants people to stop asking about it because it’s not appropriate. He added:

“As a community, can we agree that it’s always inappropriate to ask couples when they’re gonna have a baby? Because you don’t know what couples are going through at the end of the day. They may not be ready to have kids, they may have difficulties conceiving, or they may have other things going on in their lives that make it difficult to have a baby. So you really have no idea what’s going on in a couple’s life. A lot of couples go through a lot of turmoil and suffering and they don’t show that to the surface. This is not just for Lauren and I, this is for couples everywhere, it’s inappropriate to ask them when they’re gonna have a baby. So just be happy for couples and just appreciate them for who they are, and that’s it y’all. I wanna say … that it’s always inappropriate to ask when a couple is gonna have a baby. Hope you agree.”

Cameron said he wasn’t talking about one person in particular, but he made the video after some people got upset with Vanessa Lachey. They didn’t like that she asked couples about having babies during the live reunion for season 4 of Love Is Blind.

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The Enchanting Journey of How Lauren Speed and Cameron Hamilton Found Love on ‘Love Is Blind’!!

are lauren and cameron pregnant

Lauren Speed told Cameron that she thought she loved him, and Cameron, who took the whole process very seriously, said, “I love you.” He was the first one to propose, and Lauren happily said yes. 

When they finally met in person, they both looked happy to see each other. However, Lauren admitted that she didn’t realize Cameron was white. Even though she hadn’t dated a white man before, she was more worried about what her parents would think. 

Despite that, they got engaged and got married within a month of meeting each other while filming the Netflix reality series in 2018. Lauren and Cameron are one of the few success stories from Love Is Blind. 

They, along with Amber Pike and Matt Barnett from the first season, are the only couples still together. Lauren and Cameron celebrated their fourth anniversary in November 2022 and are still happily together. 

In her anniversary post for her husband, Lauren said, “4 years into forever with you Mr. Hamilton,” and called Cameron her “Clyde.” Cameron also shared, “I’m grateful for you every day, rain or shine. You light up this world.” 

Cameron, a favorite among Love Is Blind fans, added, “The last four years together have been a gift. I threw away the receipt, so we’ve got to keep each other.