Is Clairo Lesbian? The Singer’s “Immunity” Album Suggests She Is!

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Is Clairo Lesbian?

At the age of 13, Clairo started a singing career on her own by releasing music online. Fans of the “Pretty Girl” singer are already enquiring about her sexual orientation. Because Clairo released the album “Immunity” in 2019, which is inspired by her first amorous encounters with women, many fans have speculated that she is lesbian.

The record undoubtedly sold a ton of copies, but the song has some wondering if she really meant everything she sang. Learn all there is to know about Clairo’s sexual preference in this article!

Is Clairo Lesbian?

Clairo came out as bisexual in 2019. The singer says she penned the sunny, springy “Sofia” about the first crushes she had on girls while she was writing her debut album, “Immunity,” before she came out as gay.

“Sofia” is about my first ever crushes on  women I saw in the media. People like Sofia Coppola, Sofia Vergara, etc. This was my way of making a celebratory song about this discovery while maintaining the cheesy or corny lyrics you’d normally find in songs where you profess your love,” Clairo tweeted.

“Immunity” explores the unrequited, platonic, and prospective aspects of love in a way that only youth with its rose-tinted glasses can. She claims that the album was written for her 15-year-old self.

Music critics gave Immunity favorable reviews. The album received an average score of 76 at Metacritic, which gives reviews from major sources a normalized rating out of 100 based on 20 reviews.

The songs “bags” and “Sofia,” in particular, had a big impact on her admirers. These are the songs in which she publicly revealed her identity and her romantic interests. Clairo was inspired to write the song “Bags” by his first love encounters with girls.

She confronts the boundary between a friend and a lover with a crush who might be straight. The song provides an insight into the artist’s development as a young LGBT woman.

The song “Sofia,” on the other hand, was influenced by the first times she had crushes on elderly women she saw in the media.

She gave the examples of Sofia Vergara and Sofia Coppola, claiming that creating “Sofia” was a chance for her to celebrate her finding while preserving the corny or cheesy lyrics you’d often find in songs where you confess your love.

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Who is Clairo Currently Dating?

Is Clairo Lesbian?

As of March 2023, Clairo is possibly single. Although she has come out as bisexual, she hasn’t had any open relationships with women. She is known to have had at least one male partner. According to Who’s Dated Who, Clairo and musician Jake Passmore allegedly had a relationship.

How Did Clairo Get Famous?

Is Clairo Lesbian?

Clairo is an indie pop musician who gained popularity by posting music on SoundCloud. American singer-songwriter Claire E. Cottrill, also known by the stage name Clairo, was born on August 18, 1998. She gained notoriety after her low-fi song “Pretty Girl” (2017) was uploaded on YouTube.

She credited the website’s algorithm system for generating attention in the video. Late in 2017, when the music video for her song “Pretty Girl” became viral on YouTube, Clairo first came to the public’s attention. The track was created for an independent rock album that will raise money for the Transgender Legal Center.

Also, the video gained popularity on Facebook groups devoted to vaporwave. “Flamin Hot Cheetos,” a different video that was posted to YouTube a month earlier, had 24 million views by March 2023.

Cloris’s song “My Church” garnered the singer her first Grammy in 2017, the year she most recently won a Grammy for Best Country Solo Performance.

Her first release as a singer was the 2018 EP Diary 001, which was followed by the 2019 LP Immunity.

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What Is Clairo’s Net Worth?

Is Clairo Lesbian?

According to All Famous Birthday, Clairo has an estimated net worth of $5 million. Her work as a singer is her main source of income.

Frequently Asked Questions About Clairo

Who is Clairo?

Claire Elizabeth Cottrill, known professionally as Clairo, is an American singer-songwriter.

Is Clairo Lesbian?

Clairo came out as bisexual in 2019, when she released the album “Immunity,” which details her first relationships with girls.

Who is Clairo’s Girlfriend?

Although she came out as bisexual, Clairo has never revealed the girl she dated as of March 2023.

Who is Clairo Currently Dating?

Clairo may be single as of March 2023. She hasn’t kept us up to date on her dating life. She has previously been in a relationship with Jake Passmore, a musician.

What is The Disease that Clairo Has?

Clairo revealed after releasing her EP Diary 001 in 2018 that she has had juvenile rheumatoid arthritis (JRA) since she was 17.

How Did Clairo Get Famous?

Clairo rose to prominence in 2017 after the music video for her lo-fi single “Pretty Girl” went viral. She later signed a record deal and released her debut EP Diary 001 (2018), on the Fader Label.

Did Clairo Hit The Billboard Charts?

Sling, Clairo’s second studio album, was released in 2021. The album received critical acclaim and commercial success upon its release, debuting in the top 20 of the US Billboard 200.

Does Clairo Have a Grammy?

Cloris’ song “My Church” earned her first Grammy in 2017, the same year she won a Grammy for Best Country Solo Performance.

What is Clairo’s Net Worth?

Clairo has an estimated net worth of $5 million.

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