Is Daphne Oz Pregnant? Unraveling Clues, Social Media Buzz, and the Quest for Confirmation on Whether the Renowned TV Personality is Expecting Again!!

Is Daphne Oz Pregnant? Daphne was born on February 17, 1986, in Philadelphia, and she is the oldest child of well-known TV personalities Mehmet Oz and Lisa Oz. She has three kids and is enjoying her journey as a mom.

On August 26, 2010, Daphne got married to John Jovanovic at the Marriage Bureau in Manhattan. John, who works as an investment fund analyst, is someone she met in college.

In five years, Daphne had four pregnancies, showing how much she cares about having a close and loving family. Her kids—Philomena, Domenica, Giovanna, and Jovan—are all pretty close in age, with three girls and one boy.

Daphne is a proud mom, and you can see that on her Instagram. She shares lots of pictures of herself and her loved ones, showing how important family has been to her over the past ten years.

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The Ongoing Speculation: Is Daphne Oz Pregnant?

is daphne oz pregnant

Despite what people are saying, Daphne Oz is not going to have another baby. Some recent pictures on her Instagram showed a little bump on her belly, but it’s more likely due to gaining some weight and not because she’s pregnant.

Her last child was born in 2019, and she hasn’t shared any pictures or said anything that suggests she’s pregnant now. When she appeared on MasterChef Junior with a baby bump, it’s important to know that the show was recorded over a year ago, and the bump was from her last pregnancy, not a new one.

Even though Daphne Oz and her husband John Jovanovic haven’t said anything officially about the rumors, it’s pretty clear that she’s not pregnant right now. Fans are waiting for them to confirm it, but as of now, the answer is a definite “no” to a new pregnancy.

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Exploring the Joys of Motherhood: Daphne Oz is happy about the beginning of a new school year!!

is daphne oz pregnant

On Wednesday, the 37-year-old author of the Eat Your Heart Out cookbook shared some pictures on her Instagram from her kids’ first day of school. 

In the first picture, Philomena ‘Philo’ Bijou, who is 9 years old, and her 7-year-old brother Jovan wear bright green T-shirts. Giovanna Ines, 4, raises her hand while standing next to her 5-year-old sister Domenica Celine, and they all are wearing green.

In other pictures, the four siblings take pictures and videos by themselves and then hug each other in a black and white photo. Oz wrote in her post:

“First day of school 2023!! Some would have preferred to stay at the beach 😉❤️”