Is Dr Amir Gay? The Mystery Behind The Sexuality Of Dr Amir Khan

Is Dr Amir Gay? Dr Amir Khan has a large fan following all over the world. He is one of the best-selling authors from Britain. It is only obvious for his fans followers, and fellow readers, to be curious about his love and life.

The rumors about Dr Amir Khan being gay are not to the world. The recent interest in his love life spread like wildfire after he published his recent book titled, ‘How (Not) To Have An Arranged Marriage’.

Keep reading the article to find out if Dr Amir Khan is gay and if his books hint at his sexuality. The article also gives insight into the love life of the author.

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Is Dr Amir Gay?

is dr amir gay

No, Dr Amir Khan is not gay. The rumors have been on the internet forever. However, there is no proof that Dr Amir Khan is gay. The NHS physician has made frequent appearances online in the past, gathering a strong base of supporters.

With this came the thunder of curious minds left wondering about his sexuality and love life. Well, it is believed that Dr Amir Khan is straight. He has never addressed the rumors about him being gay.

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Is Dr Amir Married?

is dr amir gay

No, Dr Amir Khan is not married. According to Genius Celebs, he is counted in the list of most eligible bachelors. Very little is known about the star’s love life as he has maintained privacy of details about his personal life.

The author has previously revealed on Twitter that he is proud to be single and is not dating anyone currently. However, his book on the topic of ‘arranged marriage’ has raised questions about the love life of the author. However, the star is not married.