Is Durk And India Still Together? Here’s What We Know About The Rapper’s Love Life!

It all began on December 18, 2021, when Lil Durk got down on one knee in front of India Royale, his longtime lover, during a concert in Chicago and said,

“You know I love you to death. You’ve been holding me down when I was going through a lot. You’re the realest and I just love you to death. Would you want to be my wife?”

The crowd was very excited to witness the moment when India accepted the two-time Grammy-nominated rapper’s proposal. He shared the video of him proposing on Instagram, which went viral across the globe, driving millions of fans crazy.

However, in the month of September 2022, a slew of rumors on social media suggested that Durk and India were splitting up, which worried fans. Here’s what we know so far…

Is Durk and India Still Together?

Is Durk And India Still Together?

According to The St. Louis American, Lil Durk and India Royale split up after allegations of his infidelity. The rapper has been unfollowed by India, and all traces of him have been removed from her Instagram profile.

She tweeted “I’m a free agent” on September 11, 2022, which prompted her fans to believe that the couple had split up.

Since Lil Durk was engaged to India, he has always refuted claims that he had split up with the fashion blogger. That is, up until he began addressing the split indirectly through his tweets, which made it abundantly clear that they were no longer together.

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Who is India Royale?

Is Durk And India Still Together?

India Royale is much more than just her relationship with American rapper, singer, and songwriter Lil Durk and her social media presence. India, a model, entrepreneur, and mother of two girls, India also blogs about fashion. She gave birth to her first child, Willow Banks, with Lil Durk in October 2018.

Durk and His Past Relationships

Is Durk And India Still Together?

Lil Durk was born Durk Derrick Banks on October 19, 1992, in Chicago, Illinois, and has had a career spanning from 2010 to the present and from 2009 to the present. He is best known for his rap song with Drake, ‘Laugh Now Cry Later’. Lil Durk founded his own music label, “The Only Family,” and he once was a lead artist on the Billboard Hot 100 chart in 2020. As a result, the rapper’s net worth is estimated at up to $8 Million! (Source: Celebrity Networth)

Durk got his stage name from his father. “It’s my pop’s nickname. His real name is Dante, but he went by Durk. He named me after his nickname. My real name is Durk Banks. I haven’t really considered changing it; it’s everything I’ve known. “If I ever do change it, I’ll still always answer to it.” (Source: Complex)

As of January 2023, Durk is 30 years old and has been in relationships with Dej Loaf (2014–2016), Nicole Covone (2008–2013), Mia Burks, and India Royale (2017–2021).

Lil Durk has also had encounters with Slim Danger and Takala W (2016).

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Is Lil Durk Single Again?

Is Durk And India Still Together?

Well, there isn’t a perfect response to this query. There have been numerous stories about Lil Durk cheating on India, but there is no evidence to support these claims. We may assume that Durk either has a discreet dating life or is single because he hasn’t updated his admirers on his relationship status.