Is Josha Stradowski Gay? A Sneak Peak Into The Star’s Personal Life!

Is Josha Stradowski Gay? Josha Stradowski is a Dutch actor who became increasingly known in the world of entertainment after he played the role of Rand author in the American epic fantasy TV series The Wheel Of Time. He also appeared as a heartthrob in the role of Jori in the movie Just Friends.

Apart from his charms, another thing his roles are famous for is being queer. Josha Stradowski has portrayed queer character Begore and that is primarily the reason people have been curious about his sexuality. Many people believe that Josha is gay and that is what drives him to choose characters representing the LGBTQ+ community.

To seek the truth, keep reading the article. Is Josha Stradowski gay or is it another rumor that arose under the recent ‘gay’ trolling trend and Josha is being targeted?

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Is Josha Stradowski Gay?

is josha stradowski gay

No, Josha Stradowski is not gay. People often wonder if Josha Stradowski is gay or not, owing to his choice of movie roles. The star is often seen portraying gay characters with precision and that is the reason people assume his sexual orientation.

However, Stradowski has not yet spoken about his sexuality. The star has an active social media presence and even his posts do not indicate his being gay. The actor was honored with Best Performace in Leading Role an international LGBT film fest in 2018 however, it remains unclear whether Stradowaki is gay or not.

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Josha Stradowski Queer Roles

is josha stradowski gay

Josha Stradowski is popularly known for appearing in the queer rom-com, Just Friends, where he played the role of Joris, opposite Yad, played by Majd Mardo. The storyline revolves around two young men with complicated family dynamics falling in love with each other.

Further, Josha Stradowski also starred in the queer movie, Bromance where he played a gay character. The story is of two best friends living in a village whose lives take a sharp turn when a young man from the city moves into the town.