Jonathan Daviss Dating: Everything You Need to Know About ‘Outer Banks’ Star Relationship Status in 2023

The third season of Outer Banks, which just started streaming on Netflix, continues the adventure. The show centers on a gang of teenagers who live among the Pogues, a working-class neighborhood of the titular North Carolina City. In order to survive life, love, and social standing while up against the affluent town residents, the Kooks, they embark on an epic search for a forgotten treasure that could provide information about each of their personal histories.

Jonathan Daviss, 22, is one of several young actors who appear in the series. Pope Heyward, the most intelligent member of the Pogues, is portrayed by Jonathan. Pope and Cleo (Carlacia Grant), who was first introduced as a recurring character in Season 2 before permanently joining the Pogues in the third season, are hinted to have a love relationship in Season 3.

Does Jonathan Daviss have a significant other at the moment, even if Pope might end up dating Cleo? The actor’s romantic history is as follows.

Who Is Jonathan Daviss Dating? Relationship Status of The “Outer Banks” Star

who is jonathan daviss dating

Other than what he has disclosed, we know surprisingly little about Jonathan’s personal life. For instance, he disclosed on Twitter that he played football and attended Conroe High School in Texas. He talked about moving to California with his family after his mother sold their Texas home to fund his acting career on Instagram. He supposedly also has a younger sister.

Aside from that, he hasn’t made many posts on any of his social media accounts that could indicate he’s dating someone. There are no pictures of him and another person in a romantic environment, no Valentine’s Day posts, and no couples selfies.

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Jonathan Daviss Dating Rumors

who is jonathan daviss dating

Fans reportedly started the notion that he was dating fellow actress Sierra Capri (On My Block), although this has never been officially proven, according to Popbuzz. It is uncertain if they are dating right now, even if they have been in the past.

According to what we can determine, Jonathan maintains a fairly informal tone on his social media accounts. His Instagram posts frequently include pictures of him modeling, hanging out with his Outer Banks co-stars, attending celebrity events, and even letting his nerd flag fly by making references to Dragon Ball and Marvel Comics. He obviously isn’t reluctant to share information about his acting career, but he chooses to keep his romantic life private.

He does, however, still enjoy success as an actor. He is a cast member of the upcoming Outer Banks fourth season, where he will probably continue to play Pope, as well as the Netflix comedy Do Vengeance. Along with Maya Hawke and Camila Mendes (Riverdale), he plays a significant role in the film (Stranger Things). He finally chooses whether or not to disclose his actual romantic relationships, though.

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Outer Banks season 3 is currently available on Netflix.