Bingo Rules, Guiding Principles, and Gameplay Guide

Are you a newbie looking for your first bingo adventure or a seasoned player brushing up on your skills? Then we’ve got you covered!

It’s not rare for people to think that every popular chance-based game is just that (chance- or luck-based). It’s true that randomness and luck are instrumental here, but every such game, and that includes poker, also has some scope of skill.

More people are getting involved and playing bingo online. If you start playing today, you’ll find that there is indeed a learning curve. Below, we’ll explore how to get involved in bingo as a beginner!

Daubers, Dabbers, and Bingo Lingo

According to Britannica, bingo is one of the most popular gambling forms in the world. Two of the leading reasons for that are the tools of the trade and the secret language of bingo enthusiasts. Bingo is a world of daubers, dabbers, and lingo that might seem complicated.

You’ll notice that players don’t use regular pens or markers to mark their numbers on the bingo cards. Instead, they use daubers or dabbers, which are specially designed markers with a soft tip. It’s like playing connect-the-dots with less mess.

These daubers come in various colors and styles, allowing players to mark their numbers in a way that suits their preference. Bingo has its own set of unique jargon that might leave newcomers scratching their heads. Don’t worry, we’ve got a cheat sheet for you:

  1. Caller: The person who calls out the numbers during the game. They’re like the DJ of the bingo party. Out of the many steps to play bingo, one of the initial ones is to determine a caller.
  2. Ball Blower: This isn’t someone with an unusual job title; it’s the machine that holds the numbered balls and randomly selects them for the game.
  3. The Free Space: The center square on the bingo card that’s already marked. It’s like a head start on your bingo journey.
  4. Two Little Ducks: In bingo lingo, this refers to the number 22, as it resembles two little ducklings. Quack, quack!
  5. Clickety Click: The number 66 gets this catchy nickname. It’s like the sound of a train on the tracks.
  6. Ones and Twos: The numbers 12 and 22. Easy to remember, right?
  7. Dirty Gertie: Number 30, and there’s nothing dirty about it, we promise.
  8. Legs Eleven: The number 11, because it looks like a pair of legs. You’ll never look at the number the same way again.
  9. Sweet Sixteen: You guessed it; it’s the number 16. It’s all about making the numbers feel more personable.


Bingo is a game that unites people, transcending boundaries and backgrounds. Whether you’re playing in a packed bingo hall or with friends in your living room, the joy of marking off those numbers on your card and being one call away from winning is what makes bingo special.

Grab your dauber, familiarize yourself with the bingo rules and variations, and most importantly, embrace the camaraderie that this game brings. From beginners to seasoned players, there’s always room for more laughter and “Bingo!”.