Is Lizzie Pregnant in Virgin River? Major SPOILERS Ahead!!

Is Lizzie Pregnant in Virgin River? Virgin River’s fifth season has unfolded new drama revolving around its namesake small town and residents. In a myriad of interesting storylines of its character, one has recently stood out. You guessed it right! The story of Lizzie.

Fans are curious about the speculated pregnancy of Lizzie, whose budding romance with Doc’s grandson, Denny Cutler, is among the major storylines in this season. If it is true, the news of Lizzie’s pregnancy sure is going to welcome new drama and we are looking forward to it.

Keep reading the article at your own risk as it contains some major spoilers which would get you hooked on the series. Is Lizzie pregnant in Virgin River? Is it all fake? What is ahead of Lizzie in the Virgin River?

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Is Lizzie Pregnant in Virgin River?

is lizzie pregnant in virgin river

It is not confirmed that Lizzie is pregnant, but she might be pregnant. It is not shown with clarity as of yet that Lizzie is pregnant. However, Lizzie thinks that she might be pregnant in the Netflix series, Virgin River.

Further, according to The Cinemaholic, if Lizzie is pregnant in the Virgin River, it might unfold new drama in her life. She recently broke up with her ex-boyfriend, Ricky, and is on her way to making her bond stronger with Denny. There might be a possibility that the child she would bring up is Ricky’s and not Denny’s.

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What Is The Relationship Between Lizzie And Denny?

is lizzie pregnant in virgin river

In the previous season, Lizzie’s character was left in an awkward position with Denny. The two were seen having feelings for each other. However, they did not give a name to their relationship as the latter believed that he had terminal Hintington’s disease.

However, this season started with a strong plot for the two teens in love. The two are often forced into proximity, all thanks to Lizzis’s new job as the health aide to Doc’s wife. The two further move their friendship from ‘just friends’ to something more, adding the spice.