These Are 10 Reasons Why Everyone Loves V of BTS!

If you like K-Pop a lot, I’m sure you agree that the world of K-Pop is full of handsome, talented, and unique idols who are very cool. But among all these idols, there is one charming man from BTS whose character is definitely out of this world. Out of the seven members of BTS—Rap Monster, Jin, Suga, J-Hope, Jimin, Jungkook, and V—V is the most attractive.

V, whose real name is Kim Taehyung, is known for being too cute to resist, acting uniquely, and being a total dork. He is not only a big star on stage but also a great actor on TV. When it comes to looks, personality, and character, no other idol comes close to Taehyung. That’s why armies are crazy about him!

Find out the ten reasons why everyone is crazy about BTS member V in this article. And if you don’t already love V, get ready: You won’t be able to leave this page without loving him!

Why We Love V From BTS?

He Has a Cute and Funny Profile

10 Facts and Profile about BTS member V Kim Taehyung

Here Are Some Interesting Things About V:

  1. V’s real name is Kim Taehyung.
  2. His birthday is December 30, 1995.
  3. Daegu is his hometown.
  4. The word “victory” is in V’s stage name. He said, “My stage name was the last one chosen. Six, Lex, V. These three names were suggested, but the members and PD all said that V fit me the best, so I chose V to stand for “victory.”
  5. Blank Tae and Tae Tae are his nicknames.
  6. His cute habits include biting his nails, keeping his mouth open, and saying “Apa!” (it hurts) and “Emma” (mommy).
  7. Black, white, and green are his favorite colors.
  8. He likes to watch anime and cartoons.
  9. He is an amazing saxophone player.
  10. He doesn’t like wearing shoes.
  11. He hasn’t been in a serious relationship yet because he wants to marry and spend the rest of his life with his first love.
  12. Going to the park in the fall and feeding the pigeons is his ideal date.
  13. His dad is the person who inspires him the most, and he wants to be a good dad like his dad.
  14. He is afraid of ghosts, can’t touch gross things, and doesn’t like being high up, except on rides (which feel safe yet thrilling).

He Has a Split Personality

It’s like loving two distinct men at once when you love V. The first one is the cool, attractive dude you picture in your head. V is his name. On stage, he dances and sings with great passion, and with his menacing eyes and serious demeanor, he completes the group’s flawless hip-hop image.

The idiot is the other man. Even though it’s strange, he does the things he enjoys, such as having conversations while doing the laundry, conversing with automobiles and animals, and speaking other languages.

The most appealing and admirable individual alive today goes by the name of Kim Taehyung. There are two distinct personalities here, but surprise! There is only one man. Is there another man in the world who is capable of both of these?

10 Facts and Profile about BTS member V Kim Taehyung

A well-known myth states that people with blood type AB are either total geniuses or total fools. Suga nevertheless stated Taehyung is both.

On stage and in music videos, he is the charismatic, attractive, well-liked, hot, and sexy V, but when he is just Kim Taehyung, he is just a goofy kid who enjoys being silly, playful, and a complete dork. He enjoys making fun of himself, and he occasionally has outlandish interests.

For these reasons, he is a special man with a 4D personality. Yet occasionally, he has brilliant ideas that startle the Hyungs. It is hardly surprising that he is glowing today. Considering that his Jin Hyung stated that he is V who originated from the stars!

He’s a Brilliant Actor

If you enjoy watching Korean dramas, you probably looked forward to Hwarang: The Beginning, a youth historical drama. So if you enjoy K-Pop and BTS but aren’t a fan of K-dramas, V must be one of the main reasons you watched the drama.

He played Hansung, the youngest student, in the 2016–2017 drama Hwarang. He did it for the first time as actor Kim Taehyung and not as the idol V on our screens. He was the best scene stealer and won viewers over with his endearing portrayal of a mischievous, young Hwarang.

Also, he revealed Hansung’s profound sorrow and heavy weight as the last True Bone in his family. He is just right for the part of a troubled adolescent since, as we all know, he was able to express a wide range of emotions before he started acting.

10 Facts and Profile about BTS member V Kim Taehyung

We have seen Taehyung in numerous BTS Bombs and Twitter videos in a variety of expressions, including charming, hilarious, serious, blank, angry, sad, and more. All we can conclude is that he is ideally suited to work as an actor! For Taehyung, becoming an actor is a dream come true.

He frequently expresses his desire to become an actor to the other group members, which causes his Hyungs to worry about him when he talks to himself in various personas.

He explained that he did it because he had always aspired to be an actor when his Suga Hyung expressed shock at seeing him acting out a dialogue between a guy and a woman in the laundry. Isn’t it wonderful that our beloved boy has, at last, realized his dream?

How many times did we grimace at the sight of the adorable cinnamon roll that sleeps soundly next to Park Seo-Joon inside the Hwarang house? How many boxes of tissues did we lose when Hansung sacrificed himself to save his brother and friend? He is a truly talented and outstanding actor.

He’s Good at Dub Smash

Kim Taehyung performed with grace in Hwarang, but his acting prowess is not limited to this film. Although he plays Hansung in the drama, which is adorable, let’s talk about Taehyung as a regular actor instead.

We already know how passionately he desired to be an actor, therefore he made acting a regular part of his life. You should be aware of another aspect of his acting, though. He is the Dub Smash King of BTS, indeed!

He frequently performs in dub smash videos, lip-syncing the sounds to demonstrate how funny he is. Also, some of them include Jungkook wearing the golden Maknae! When it comes to creating the ideal dubs, they are really the best of friends. We can now see Taehyung’s acting zeal thanks to dub smash!

Have you ever imagined what it would look like if Taehyung, rather than Rap Monster, had said, “Jimin, you had no jams?”

How he mimicked the iconic “Eyy, what’s up, doc?” while eating, or what JK would look like if they danced to dub-step together? You’ll only be left with one word after watching the video up top: hilarious!

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He’s The “Social Butterfly” of the Group

Every single Bangtan member is highly distinctive and hip. V would be the social butterfly of the group if Rap Monster were the brilliant leader, J-hope the sunny vitamin, Suga the swag master, Jin the gorgeous mom, Jimin the decent guy, and Jungkook the golden Maknae. His prominent friends include:

 His Hwarang Brothers

Outside of BTS, Taehyung is known for developing close friends, and with the start of his acting career, his social circle is getting rather large. He naturally gets along well with all of his Hyungs on the Hwarang set, including the leading man Park Seo-Joon, the charming Park Hyung-Sik, the endearing brother Do Ji-han, the flower boy Cho Yoon-woo, and the visually stunning Choi Min-ho.

His Hwarang Brothers

He is, nevertheless, the closest to Do Ji-han, the charming brother, among the five. Although episode 6 of the drama revealed Hansung’s distaste for Ban Ryu, there is numerous behind-the-scenes footage that demonstrates Ji-preference Han for the youngest Hwarang. Ji-hun is just very kind to Taehyung, and he looks out for him exactly like his own younger sibling.

 Park Bo-gum

On the set of Hwarang, his circle of pals doesn’t come to an end. He is a genuine social butterfly who are good friends with Park Bo-gum, one of today’s hottest actors. “We met because he’s the host of a music show. Once, we traded phone numbers, and as we talked, we discovered that we have things in common, including hobbies. He then admitted that they once visited Lotte World, an entertainment park, and had a great time there.

Sungjae (BTOB)

He is also buddies with BTOB’s visual, Yook Sungjae. Sungjae is also a prominent idol-turned-actor for his recent drama performances, especially in Goblin. Taehyung and Sungjae encountered each other in the bathroom immediately after BTS’ debut, and Sungjae stated they should be friends because they are the same age, and the rest is history. We all know how they became excellent buddies!

Suho (EXO)

His group of pals also includes Suho from EXO. He also met Suho through music concerts, as Park Bo-gum did. “We used to chat frequently while Suho was hosting a music program, and our promos frequently ran concurrently. If you interact with someone frequently for a show, it seems like you just naturally become close. You all grin and help one another.

 Kim Min-Jae

His friendship with actor Kim Min-Jae, with whom he co-starred in Celebrity Bromance, is just too adorable to stomach. They enjoyed one other’s company throughout the show by playing basketball, visiting a spa, taking pictures, making sweet phone calls, and more. It appears that Min-Jae and the man are really close.

Bonus: The Talk Room

Bonus: The Talk Room

He also admits that he chats with Hongbin from VIXX, Gongchan from B1A4, and Suho from EXO in a group chat room, but they don’t converse there. They might be too busy to talk, but they must have started it out of friendship, don’t you think? Taehyung is a genuine sweetheart!

He Has Three Attractive Moles on His Face

The moles on Taehyung’s gorgeous face must be something amazing and special about him, aside from his attractiveness, musical talent, and odd nature. The three moles Taehyung’s parents gave their adorable infant child — one under his right eye, one under his nose, and one under his lower lip — are beautiful.

While his father prefers the mole under the right eye, Taehyung thinks the mole beneath his nose is the most attractive.

The elephant mole, another creation of Taehyung’s crazy and inventive mind, is also well-known. Who would have believed that two faraway moles could be combined to form the shape of an elephant? TaeTae, your thinking is truly outstanding.

When he appeared in the Jungkook PD-produced BTS Bomb video, his moles were easily visible. You must watch the video because Taehyung mentioned something amazing about himself in addition to displaying the fabled moles on his lips, nose, and eyes. We adore him because he always thinks outside the box.

Sometimes, He’s a Genius

V was characterized by Rap Monster as “10% brilliance and 90% fool.” Have you ever wondered about Taehyung’s other 10%? We primarily see the 90% side of him. Not only do his admirers, but most notably the Hyungs, are amazed by his odd ideas, imagination, and thinking.

Let’s admire Kim Taehyung’s genius this time. During BTS’s tour in Europe, the boys enjoyed their travels and adventures there; as a result, they posed for photos and were free to move about as they pleased. V noticed that his backpack was missing when it was time to switch locations.

He began to feel nervous because his luggage contained several valuable items, including his passport. When they heard about the incident, the other team members began to worry about V—not because he had misplaced his backpack, but rather because they were participating in the crew’s joke that they were playing on him.

The actual struggle starts here. Rap Monster made a fake call to the embassy and asked for a passport quickly. Jin nevertheless proposed that the rest of the group proceed while V stays behind to pick up the passport.

Sometimes, He's a Genius

When they noticed V’s weighed-down expression, the members struggled mightily to hold back their laughs. Every second that goes by makes it more difficult for them to maintain their composure because they can feel V’s mental breakdown.

Even Suga found himself unable to contain his laughter, so he stood up for a bit and appeared to be enjoying the view outside the train window.

A little while later, V verbally conveyed how awful the members were making him feel, but Jin reminded him that he had misplaced his luggage, so why get upset at them? V yelled, “Do you want me to go home then?” at this time, Jin yelled, “Just go then!” as V went out.

V announced his return moments later with a blank look on his face, and Jin quickly responded, “Congratulations.” Not because V fell for the joke, but rather because he is a genius who was able to reverse the situation, they all began to chuckle.

Prior to the altercation, V reportedly questioned the staff if there was a hidden camera because he was aware that the other members were only joking about it. In addition, because of the fact that his eyes “aren’t huge for nothing,” he discreetly observed how horribly the members were acting.

Even without employing his acute eye, he realized that everything was a set-up to trick him.

He’s a Warm Person Who Loves Children

Taehyung is not only your ideal lover material, but he also has the potential to be your ideal father. Just observe how much he loves these kids! Don’t you have a warm feeling in your heart as you watch him hold the tiny baby in his arms as if the child is his own?

He's a Warm Person Who Loves Children

He appears to be a lovely father, very sweet! He reminds me of a caring parent who wants to cherish his child no matter what. Taehyung acknowledged that his father serves as his personal role model. He aspired to be like his father, who loves his children dearly and raises them in the kindest possible manner.

He even pictured himself and his children in the future, feeding pigeons in the park in the fall. Perhaps this explains why he has such a strong bond with the youngsters. We adore him even more because of his affection for children!

He’s a Cutie With a Sexy Voice

Do not be deceived by Taehyung’s attractive appearance; despite having a nice face, he has an undeniably seductive voice. His voice has a resemblance to Lee Hyun as performed by Homme. Both of them have that deep, round voice that sounds quite masculine.

Since he is the lone baritone in the vocal line and the other three singers are all tenors, even though he is not the group’s primary vocalist, his voice sounds powerful and sticks out from the voices of the other members.

It’s not difficult to recognize Taehyung’s voice in BTS songs, and many fans have asked that he be given more lines in their next songs because of how exceptional and good his voice is.

Because V and Jungkook blend so well together, especially when V harmonizes with Jungkook’s high-pitched vocals, I personally also wanted a song featuring them.

We can enjoy his soft, manly voice all day long thanks to his cover of Adele’s “Someone Like You.” Be ready for the ultimate Kim Taehyung voice appreciation by getting your ears ready to hear his gorgeous English in this song!

 His Smile is Simply The Best

 His Smile Is Simply the Best

Just gaze at Kim Taehung’s innocent smile when you’re feeling down and your energy has run out for the day. His sunshine will lift your spirits. You can never take a better vitamin than his smile. Good goodness, he is still alive and spreading joy throughout the world!

Is He The Cutest Idol in Bangtan?

Did you have fun with the interesting facts and trivia about Kim Taehyung, who is our favorite pretty boy? If so, here’s a Selca or selfie for you. How many times have you been smitten by our sweet baby? He’s the cutest guy in Bangtan, right? Leave good comments below to tell us what you think.