Gold Liquid Kratom Shots: Why Is It Among The Best-Selling Products At MIT45?

If you follow the Kratom industry trends, you may know that the Kratom shot is rising in popularity. The place once occupied by the classic Kratom powder is now open for the Kratom shot to take.

MIT45 is a leader in sales of its signature products like the Gold Kratom shot. Their success roots in their impeccable quality and ideal products. But more than that, a brief description is needed to explain their popularity.

And especially the MIT 45 gold liquid kratom shots have been at the top of the selling list. So what makes the product much better than rival brands like OPMS Kratom shot? Let us find out why the liquid Kratom extract has been a customer favorite recently.

Gold Liquid Kratom Shots: Why Is It Among The Best-Selling Products At MIT45?

What Are MIT 45 Gold Kratom Shots?

Most Kratom users are well versed with more traditional products like Kratom powder but don’t know much about liquid Kratom extract. Since it is a newer addition to the product range in the Kratom industry, it is understandable. But similar to other best Kratom products, the Kratom liquid shots are ideal.

MIT45 Gold Shots are made of pure mitragyna speciosa extract. Their regional sourcing and ethical production practices make their products safe.

Multiple lab tests ensure that the products do not contain harmful chemicals or pesticides. Extra purification processes also remove any solvent in the extract from the processing.

So the Boost product range is sought after. Still, the crown for the best-selling product is their representative product, the Gold Kratom liquid shot.

Gold liquid Kratom is liquid Kratom extract mixed with other ingredients like coffee from the coffee plant. The additives make it perfect for regular personal use to enjoy energy boosts.

Gold Liquid Kratom Shots: Why Is It Among The Best-Selling Products At MIT45?

What Is The Difference Between Kratom Powder And Shots?

Every other user assumes that a processed product is less efficient than a powder. While it is true that powder is one of the least processed products, more processing is needed to translate to quality.

Since the Kratom legal status is still unregulated, some people do not trust more processed products. It is mostly because such products can have residue of harmful solvents and chemicals added between the processing.

Though it is generally accepted that what makes Kratom safe is its processing amount, it is not as accurate. Many manufacturers use solvents and active ingredients to extract or liquid Kratom. But with the correct procedures, the manufacturers like MIT45 preserve Kratom’s particular benefits.

In doing so, they make a product safe for human consumption. So to make a Kratom powder, you can take Kratom leaves harvested straight from the plants and dry and grind them. But the derivation process for liquids like OPMS Gold Liquid Kratom or MIT45 Kratom is much more complex.

Gold Liquid Kratom Shots: Why Is It Among The Best-Selling Products At MIT45?

How Does The Maeng Da Kratom Plant Go From Leaf To Shots?

The complex process to make the Gold Liquid Kratom shot we know of is crucial. So let us run through the process briefly to see how MIT 45 produces its signature liquid, Kratom extract.

The process involved taking Kratom leaves, preferably pimp-grade strains from Southeast Asia like Maeng Da Kratom.

Once the Maeng Da Kratom plant reaches the perfect level, the manufacturers crush and add the leaves to a mixture of cold water (some also use resin here, but it is far more pricey than the water extraction.)

MIT 45 adds other ingredients like caffeine to create incredibly potent liquid shots. It goes through clinical tests to meet specific regulations before the shot.

Once the extract gets concentrated, MIT45 uses different stages of purification to obliterate any solvent. So all that is left is the Gold product or liquid Kratom extract.

The brand packages the shots into small packs or bottles, and you can buy an individual pack or multiple ones. The trick is to buy in bulk to save on the offers on the cart. But you can also buy a trial product to assess whether you like it.

Gold Liquid Kratom Shots: Why Is It Among The Best-Selling Products At MIT45?

Reasons Why MIT 45 Gold Shots Are Dominating The Market

MIT45 Gold Liquid Kratom was, and will remain, one of their top-selling products. But what makes this liquid Kratom much better than other variants like the OPMS Kratom shots in the market?

From the Kratom tree to the outcomes related to the shot, MIT 45 has exceptional standards. But since there are too many benefits to mention, we will only look at a few of them today.

They Are Super Energizing

When a stressful day full of work is ahead, you need coffee or some other liquid to keep you going. But there is an even better way of giving yourself the perfect energy boost- Kratom liquid shots. The mitragyna speciosa in Kratom shots offers ample energization.

Other products like OPMS Gold Liquid offer the benefits, but not as efficiently as MIT45 Gold Kratom shots. The MIT45 Gold Kratom shot has all the Kratom alkaloids necessary to provide its signature effects.

They may offer a strong boost of energy with the help of caffeine. So you get the best of both worlds while consuming the shots. Moreover, you would need less Kratom extract to get you going compared to the powder.

Gold Liquid Kratom Shots: Why Is It Among The Best-Selling Products At MIT45?

They Have The Highest Quality Kratom

MIT45 Gold is famous as the largest seller and offers the highest quality materials, so they have earned their place. The mitragyna speciosa plant used to make the full spectrum Kratom extracts is crucial.

Since Kratom is federally unregulated, there is no deciding how high-quality a product is. But the Kratom leaves make or break your Kratom product. So the better and more nourished the leaves, the better the liquid Kratom extract.

The Kratom liquid shot products begin from healthy Kratom approved by local authorities and harvesters. So the Kratom extract from such plants contains the necessary Kratom alkaloids and nutrients.

Gold Liquid Kratom Shots: Why Is It Among The Best-Selling Products At MIT45?

They Have Full Spectrum Kratom 

A Kratom extract is not uniform, but there are many types across the market. However, the best remains a full-spectrum Kratom extract. It is because full-spectrum extracts have the best Kratom alkaloids.

Every alkaloid and nutrient naturally present in the plant has a purpose. And the presence of such alkaloids in Kratom makes the plant work even better on you. So you must have heard of many people using whole spectrum powder or extracts.

So when they come together, they work in great harmony to ensure you get the best out of the Gold liquid Kratom extract. Some shots, like the OPMS Kratom shots, are not as potent, mainly due to not being enriched with alkaloids.

Gold Liquid Kratom Shots: Why Is It Among The Best-Selling Products At MIT45?

They Are Efficient

You may ask why you should go for MIT45 Gold solely for a few non-significant benefits. But if you are a regular Kratom user, you would see why people choose the brand over other liquid extracts.

Another merit of the MIT45 range is its potency which lasts very long. Sometimes people believe that affordability is a necessary merit.

But more often than not, the cheaper product is also, the less effective one. Even though MIT45 shots have a larger price tag than others, like the OPMS Gold Liquid Kratom shot, they offer unparalleled quality.

Not only will you feel the energy boost from the Kratom shot, but you can also feel the effects for longer. So you do not have to keep refilling the dosage every time. Such problems often arise with powder products, so the extracts bring something new to the table with their abilities.

Gold Liquid Kratom Shots: Why Is It Among The Best-Selling Products At MIT45?

Shots Are Easy To Use

Even generally interpreted, pre-made products are a hit with users. Users would love to save time and effort by buying a product with the best Kratom extract but no prep time. Hence people choose the Kratom shot over a powder.

Although related factors also play a role, their ease makes them a customer favorite. When you rush to work on an already busy morning, the last thing you want is to think about how to take Kratom. Each user must feel the same way about some Kratom products like powder.

However, you can crack the bottle open and enjoy the shot. And other shots, like the OPMS Kratom shot, have a similar feel, but MIT45 shots dominate in deliciousness. So you can enjoy your Kratom on the go, at home, or even at work.

Gold Liquid Kratom Shots: Why Is It Among The Best-Selling Products At MIT45?

They Are Tried And Approved By Real Users

Kratom warrants and legality are still murky topics. Since kratom got associated with abuse, any medical practitioner does not encourage its use. So Kratom might mostly be a dietary supplement instead of medicine.

Actual customer reviews give honest insight into how people feel about a product. So with products with no formal approval, the best way to ensure their quality is to ask people who have used them before. You can also learn if your Gold liquid Kratom is efficient in detailed reviews.

Like most brands, such as OPMS Gold, MIT45 has a review section. You can find tons of feedback from people who have used the product. So you can see what the public’s response to the good is.

Gold Liquid Kratom Shots: Why Is It Among The Best-Selling Products At MIT45?

What Is The Best Way To Consume MIT45 Gold Shots?

If you have used Kratom powder before, you may feel it is a task to make it. You may wash it down or mix it in hot water to make a beverage or food worth having. But the Gold liquid extracts do not have the same issue.

Kratom liquid shots are more intense than Kratom powder, so that the dosing would vary too. They are ready to consume, so you have to put in zero effort from your side while consuming them. However, you must exercise caution to ensure that you take an acceptable amount of the liquid extract.

However, MIT45 Gold products do not come with dosing information since the Gold Kratom liquid shots haven’t received recognition from associations like the World Health Organization. You can check the recommended dosage for the Kratom shot and then consume them.

Some people also like to use their shots in their beverages for a fancier consumption method. Though it is optional, it can make you a delicious beverage packed with the goodness of Kratom alkaloids. So if you find the time, you can try it out at home with simple ingredients.

Gold Liquid Kratom Shots: Why Is It Among The Best-Selling Products At MIT45?

Should You Choose Shots, And Are They Safe?

The debate about whether Kratom causes health issues has been an old one. Since Kratom products started from smoking shops, a user automatically assumes that Kratom is more harmful than other medications.

However, specific scientific data signifies insufficient evidence showing that Kratom is detrimental to health.

Very few clinical tests have taken place to test Kratom, most of which is not even an in-depth critical review. So while there may not be much evidence supporting it, it isn’t fair to say it is harmful either.

Like other medications, Kratom might be helpful when used appropriately. Just a drop of the full-spectrum Kratom extract can do wonders on an empty stomach. But if you overdose, you will feel the repercussions.

Any medical practitioner will suggest you know local regulations limiting the Kratom dosage. And even if the package doesn’t have dosing info, you can find plenty on the internet. So you can see how much liquid Kratom extract will be helpful to you.

Gold Liquid Kratom Shots: Why Is It Among The Best-Selling Products At MIT45?

Wrapping Up

Kratom shots may be a fresh concept, but they are taking over the market more successfully than most other products available. And since they are far more efficient, potent, easy to use, and delicious, they deserve all the love they receive.

MIT 45 which is currently turning to being the best kratom vendor offers customer favorites like their Gold liquid Kratom extract. They offer the perfect balance of energy mixed with a yummy taste. And if you are also curious about these products, you must have found reasons to invest in them.