Jordan Travis Ethnicity: Who Are Jordan Travis’ Parents And What Is Their Nationality?

Jordan Travis’s Ethnicity has been a topic of controversy all along since the football player started his career on the sports field and signed a contract with Louisville Cardinals. The ethnicity of the sports personalities has always been at the top of search bars.

This time, it is Jordan Travis we are speaking of. His fans have been curious to know what his ethnicity is and this has definitely sparked debate among his fans and followers.

If you are one of his fans who wishes to know everything about Jordan Travis, the football star, keep reading the article till the end to learn about Jordan Travis’ ethnicity and his parents.

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Jordan Travis Ethnicity

jordan travis ethnicity

Jordan Travis is of African-American ethnicity. The star plays football for the Florida State Seminoles in a quarterback and Sophomore position. He is proud of his heritage and ethnic roots. He is often seen speaking about the importance of inclusion and diversity in sports.

His ethnicity has never hindered his success in the field and it is quite evident that he is one of the brightest stars in the team. He wishes to make sports a field that promotes diversity and inclusion of people from different walks of life and of different ethnicities and nationalities.

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Who Are Jordan Travis’ Parents?

jordan travis ethnicity

Tony Travis and Tammy Travis are the parents of Jordan Travis. The football star’s parents have been on the search bar recently with fans being curious about the star’s personal life and ethnicity. Both of Jordan’s parents are African-American by ethnicity.

His father, Tony Travis, himself played football when he was studying at the University of Northern Texas. Further, Tiny Travis has also been a part of the 2002 Sun Belt Championship team.

His mother on the other hand, also is a sports champion and was an athlete in her youth. She played softball and basketball. It is probably because of his parents that Jordan grew an interest in sports and is making huge contributions to the field at present.